The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E15 | Ft A.J. Eckstein & Henry Gao

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E15 | Ft A.J. Eckstein & Henry Gao

This week we're joined by young alumnus A.J. Eckstein (Beta-Sigma, Southern California) and Henry Gao (Beta-Sigma, Southern California). In 2020, A.J. and Henry launched a start-up called the Career Coaching Company. Most recently, CC launched the Final Round Podcast. Have you ever wondered why only a few people get past the final round interview and land the job? Their show will tell you how. Our show will tell you why you should listen.

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  • 5:30 Frater Travon Free Wins Oscar
  • 6:30 Celebrate The Little Wins
  • 9:00 Be Positive
  • 12:48 Alex Is Tackling The Monumental Marathon
  • 16:00 How Do You Pronounce Integral?
  • 18:00 Rule Of Three
  • 20:30 The Funnier Version Of A Motivational Speaker
  • 22:30 Breakfast & Barbecue
  • 23:30 TKE Corner (Volunteer Appreciation Month)
  • 25:06 Where In the World Is Zach Scott (Alex and Zach take over.)
  • 26:00 Initiation In Miami (University of Miami Colony updates)
  • 27:33 Joining A Colony VS A Chapter
  • 32:00 A.J. Eckstein, Henry Gao (Beta-Sigma Chapter and the Career Coaching Company)
  • 34:00 What Is The Career Coaching Company?
  • 36:20 The Final Round Podcast
  • 42:45 Connections And Networking
  • 45:00 The Best Time To Network Is When You Don't Need Anything
  • 54:20 Marketing The Fraternity Experience

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