About the Order of the Shield

The purpose of the Order is to acknowledge and recognize those Fraters who have engaged in defending peace and freedom by serving their country’s armed forces ~ whether in the active, reserve, or National Guard components. (The country of military service is not limited to the United States and Canada.)

The Order will permit Fraters who have served in the military to recognize each other and to form a unique Bond with each other.

In addition to recognizing those who have contributed much to this purpose, the Order will promote communications and support channels for its members to assist in these stated efforts.

The Order will promote the establishment and awarding of a scholarship to a deserving collegiate Frater who is currently serving, or has already met his military obligation, in the armed forces of his country. The Frater must have a 3.0 Grade Point Average or higher and be in good standing with his Chapter or Emerging Chapter. This scholarship ~ known as the Order of the Shield Scholarship ~ shall be maintained through the TKE Foundation.

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