TKE Pride Scholarship

The TKE Pride Scholarship was established to support the experiences of gay, bisexual and transgender TKE members and to complement the inclusiveness and commitment within our brotherhood to create a safe and supportive fraternal experience for all Fraters.

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Progress Towards $10,000 Goal

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Your Donation in Action - Meet Damon

“There is often a general misconception regarding what it means to “Go Greek.” Oftentimes, there are preconceived notions surrounding the various aspects of joining a fraternity/sorority and the somewhat negative implications that can come with that such as the idea that to be involved in Greek Life, one must look a certain way, identify with a specific demographic or belong to any particular socioeconomic class. I admit that I once succumbed to that jaded view of Greek organizations prior to the firsthand experience I gained later. It wasn’t lost on me that this same distorted image of what a fraternity supposedly looked like was exclusive of LGBTQ+ identifying young men such as myself. Would an openly gay man be welcomed in a social fraternity in an otherwise rural part of the South? Was I ready to make such a big step and risk the rejection that I so feared upon my coming out in high school?

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Today, I am very proud to say that I rushed the Gamma-Theta chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at the University of Florida last fall. I found nothing but a welcoming, open community of guys who are leaders in student government, movers and shakers in the local Gainesville community through Dance Marathon and Project Makeover among many other wonderful bragging rights that Tekes everywhere share in brotherly pride. My story is an untraditional one, but it’s what makes my path and contribution to our end statement, “Better Men for a Better World,” more unique because I have utilized my past to broaden my horizons in my quest to create meaningful change. I wholeheartedly believe that my purpose for desiring this leadership experience is grounded in my love for the experiences and perspectives that students--present and past--have to offer, and this can assist me in my journey as a Latinx, gay kid from the suburbs of Miami, Florida, who went on to become a first-generation new member in the best Fraternity in the world.”

Damon Veras
Gamma-Theta 1000
University of Florida
2019-2020 Miles Gray Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Donor Impact - Meet Ethan

“TKE remains a transformative part of an individual’s development, especially for those who may be struggling with their own identity. In joining Tau Kappa Epsilon, individuals are able to find a sense of belonging and are aided in their mental, moral and social development. This development, however, can be challenging when faced with the inherent obstacles one must navigate as an undergraduate in college. Unfortunately, this challenge is further amplified for those members who identify as gay, bisexual, or transgender.

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I’ve always wished our organization provided scholarship opportunities, specifically, for those who identify as gay, bisexual, transgender or as an ally. So to create a scholarship opportunity with a goal to alleviate financial stressors during an already stressful time in one’s development was a KEY motivating factor in establishing this Pride Scholarship Fund.”

Ethan M. Stubbs II
Tau-Psi, University of West Florida
Lambda-Iota, Florida State University