Chapter Assistance Program

The Chapter Assistance Program (CAP) is a way for you to support a specific chapter directly.

This contribution is not tax deductible but it directly offsets the cost of the TKE operating expenses of a specific chapter.

The CAP is a new program from Tau Kappa Epsilon that was rolled out during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist chapters with their finances to the International Fraternity, and works in the following ways.

Here’s how the Chapter Assistance Program works.

Make a General Contribution
Making a general contribution puts a credit on a chapter statement. This credit can be used for new member fees, annual membership fees, risk management fees and other chapter fees. Credits are then put toward past or current debts or can be saved for future debts. You will be able to specify which TKE operating expense you'd like to contribute toward or select Area of Greatest Need for the group.

  • Candidate Fee - $125 per new member
  • Initiation Fee - $200 per new member
  • Annual Membership Fee - $200 per member
  • Risk Management Fee - $210 per member
  • Conclave Savings Plan - $250 per chapter
  • Chapter Assessment Fee - $500 per chapter

Please be aware, you will not receive a tax credit as membership dues are not a tax-deductible contribution according to the IRS. If you are looking for tax deductible options, you can consider Life Loyal Teke, Chapter Leadership FundChapter Special Projects Fund, Chapter Scholarship or the Opportunity Fund.

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