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Founded: March 15, 1958
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Recent News

Frater Closing One Chapter of Life, Excited for New Challenge

Published On: 10/6/2009

Frater Gary Doer (Zeta-Iota, Univ. of Manitoba) will resign as premier Oct. 18, the day after a new NDP leader is chosen, and begin his new job in Washington, D.C. as Canada's ambassador to the United States the very next day.

Frater Becomes Canadian-US Ambassador

Published On: 9/2/2009

Frater Gary Doer (Zeta-Iota, Univ. of Manitoba) was introduced earlier this week in Ottawa as Canada's next ambassador to the United States, a day after surprising many political observers by announcing he was stepping down as premier of Manitoba.

Frater Gary Doer Makes Manitoba First in Canada

Published On: 4/15/2008

WINNIPEG, Manitoba - Premier and Frater Gary Doer (Zeta-Iota, Univ. of Manitoba) announced yesterday that Manitoba will be the first province to legislate its commitment to reaching Kyoto targets for greenhouse-gas emissions by 2012.

Canadian Frater Earns Third Consecutive Victory as Premier of Manitoba

Published On: 5/29/2007

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Canada) - Manitoba's Premier Frater Gary Doer of Zeta-Iota Chapter (University of Manitoba) has broken new ground for his New Democratic Party by winning a third straight majority government in the prairie province.

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