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Our Dedication to Inclusion

The Grand Court consists of at least five alumni members of the Fraternity, at least two of whom are lawyers. Each member is called a Grand Justice and each covers a particular geographic area. They are all appointed by the Grand Prytanis, with consent from the Grand Council, and one of these will be appointed Chief Grand Justice. Each Justice serves until a successor is appointed. Other duties, responsibilities and expectations can be found in the Black Book under Chapter XXX (Page 48).  

  • Bobby A. Jarred
  • James H. Cox
  • John A. Morin
  • Rev. Fr. Price P. Oswalt
  • Scott W. D. Early
  • Steve A. Jones

The Judiciary Committee consists of three members, two of whom are lawyers (or another number as assigned by resolution of the Grand Council). Members are appointed biennially by the Grand Prytanis for a term of two years and until their successors are appointed and have accepted such appointment. One of these will be appointed chairman by the Grand Prytanis.

The Judiciary Committee is charged with all revisions of the Constitution and laws, and may suggest amendments and changes as they see fit. It is charged with organizing the articles when needed and advise the Grand Council on the legality of any proposed amendment. Other duties can be found in the Black Book under Article VIII (Page 15).

  • Gary Robbins
  • James D. Piersa, Esq.
  • Jeffery J. Waltz
  • Mr. Jason B. Blank Esq.

The Investment Committee consists of at least three members appointed by the Grand Prytanis, with consent from the Grand Council, and holds the office for a biennium. One of the members is designated as the Chairman. The committee assists and advises the Grand Council concerning investments of Fraternity funds and is responsible for suggesting changes in investment policy and procedures to the Grand Council. More information can be found in the Black Book Chapter VIII (Page 28).

  • Mark A. Cushing
  • Timothy T. Feldheim

Here is a current list of Active Grand Province Advisors.

  • Angel R. Quiroz
  • Anthony J. Wright
  • Atty Johnny G. Beech ESQ
  • Bill Rhodes
  • Charles D. Reagan
  • Col (Ret) George Torres Jr.
  • Cory P. Martin
  • Dan Juanillo Jr.
  • Dave B. Raddatz
  • Dr. Rene Cintron Ph.D.
  • Dylan D. John
  • Edwin D. Robinson
  • Elton Fowler
  • Ethan A. Ross-Hixson
  • Gerry D. Weber
  • Jeremy M. Chobot
  • Johnny A. Guzman
  • Jonathan Fili
  • Kyle A. Erdman
  • Lance E. Millican
  • Matthew C. Gallo
  • Michael A. Vasti
  • Michael D. Steele
  • Mike L. Peck
  • Pat Gordon
  • Patrick J. McElroy
  • Paul Ferrante
  • Rees T. Linville
  • Sebastian Habermehl
  • Simon C. Teong
  • Thomas M. Geary
  • Tim P. O'Neil
  • Tom E. Kuhn
  • William E. Shelton
  • Ziggy M. Benware