Join Us for the 3rd Annual Mike Huckabee Duck Hunt

Sunday, December 27, 2020 – Tuesday, December 29, 2020

About the Event

The Mike Huckabee Duck Hunt is a luxury wilderness adventure designed for both first-time and experienced hunters. It takes place at the Five Oaks Lodge located in Stuttgart, Arkansas, which is widely regarded as the duck capital of the world. Enjoy five-star accommodations, world-class dining, experienced hunting guides, and engaging conversation with the one and only Mike Huckabee.

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A Five-Star Luxury Wilderness Adventure

The Duck Hunt is in the country wilderness, but we are not “roughing it.” As Mike Huckabee says, the Five Oaks Lodge is the “Ritz Carlton of duck hunting.” Accommodations include private rooms and baths with heated floors, a large living room with an open bar and 80-inch television, a large rustic dining room, and great outdoor spaces. Take a look. Get ready for a thrilling adventure where experienced guides, trained hunting dogs and private grounds ensure a safe hunting experience for all.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

To ensure the health and safety of all participants, we have limited our number of attendees for the 3rd annual hunt. Participants will be asked to abide by Five Oaks guidelines for social distancing and masking in common areas.

General Registration --- $7,000

Includes two nights of accommodations at the Five Oaks Hunting Lodge, meals, hunting excursions, hunting gear and a VIP gift. Spots available: 9

Enhance Your Hunting Experience

(Add-on items must be purchased in addition to the $7,000 general registration.)

Goose Hunt --- $500

Add an additional hunting excursion with a guided goose hunt. Spots available: 9

Spots are limited and are sold on a first-come, first serve basis. Registration closes 12/21/2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect at a Duck Hunt:

Each morning, attendees will be divided into small hunting groups and assigned an experienced guide and hunting dog. Your guide will transport your group to a private hunting location used exclusively by Five Oaks Lodge guests. Your guide will call the ducks, let you know when to shoot, and most importantly, ensure your hunt is legal, safe, and fun. Often a highlight of the experience, your dog will eagerly retrieve your ducks for you over land or through water. Your guide will then transport you and your ducks back to the lodge.

Do I need to bring a gun and ammunition?

Shotguns and ammunition will be provided, however, participants are invited to bring their own gun.

Do I need to bring special gear for duck hunting?

The Lodge will provide all participants a wader. The wader is a waterproof garment for the feet, legs and upper body that keeps you dry. This is the most important gear for your hunt.

What do I wear when I go hunting?

You need to wear clothing and special accessories that will do two things: hide you from the ducks and keep you warm. Many of these items you may already have at home. Some you may need to purchase.

Here are the basics:

Here are other special accessories:

What should I bring to wear when I am not hunting?

Outside of hunting the dress is everyday casual. It will be cold outside, but the lodge is temperature controlled.

About Our Host Mike Huckabee

Governor Mike Huckabee is an initiate of the Beta-Psi chapter at Arkansas State University. An experienced duck hunter and Arkansas native, Frater Huckabee will enhance every aspect of your hunting experience. You can sit next to him at dinner, join his small hunting group, share conversation over a cocktail, or take a drive through duck country to visit unique local attractions. Most of all, Frater Huckabee is a gracious host who is excited to share in a weekend of engaging conversation and once-in-a-lifetime memories with Fraters and friends like you!