The Prytanis Mindset - Leadership In Action

The Prytanis Mindset - Leadership In Action

When: July 28, 2020 from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Eastern

Tau Kappa Epsilon hosts an online officer training specifically for chapter Prytani. The training is broken up into four separate training sessions plus two additional round tables.

Tuesday, July 21 at 4pm Eastern – Purpose of the Prytanis Register
Greg Roskopf

We know the Prytanis runs meetings and leads the chapter, but what is the true purpose of the role? Why is the role important, and how can you drive achievement and progress? Frater Roskopf will explore the big picture of the Prytanis role, including how to build a culture within your chapter and how to be a part of what TKE is building at an international level.

Thursday, July 23 at 4pm Eastern – Outcome-Oriented Leadership Register
Alex Swenson

As a chapter leader, every decision you make should be done so with your outcomes in mind. Rather than only thinking about the issues immediately ahead of you, consider what might happen two and three steps forward. Frater Swenson will dig into these concepts, including how to lead your brothers to work toward a common goal, achieve your KRAs, and how to best utilize the Offices of the Grand Chapter and TKE’s volunteers.

Tuesday, July 28 at 4pm Eastern – Leadership in Action Register
Donald E. Aldrich

Leadership requires thick skin. You must be willing to make difficult decisions, confront other individuals, and have tough conversations with brothers who are not upholding their obligations to the Fraternity. And many people don’t consider these to be skills, even though they can be trained and practiced. Frater Aldrich will draw on his experience navigating the less-glamorous aspects of leadership and translate them to your role in TKE and in your chapter or colony.

Tuesday, July 30 at 4pm Eastern - Prytanis Roundtables (By Chapter Size) Registration link coming soon

These roundtables are your opportunity to discuss topics with your peers by chapter size. Chapters will be broken up by: 60 members or more: Donald E. Aldrich & Santos Lara
25-59 members: Alex Swenson & Zach Scott
Under 25 members: Alex Baker & Joey Krzywonos

August, August 4 at 4pm Eastern - Prytanis Roundtables (TBD) Registration link coming soon

These roundtables are your opportunity to discuss topics with your peers in a different format.

Thursday, August 6 at 4pm Eastern - TKE HQ Leadership Panel Register

Your chance to get questions answered from the leaders of the organization, including TKE Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Aldrich, Chief Financial Officer Brett Widner, Chief Information Officer Alex Baker, Chief Risk Officer Greg Roskopf and Alumni Engagement Director Chris Niles.

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