Detroit Area Greets 'n' Eats for Founders' Day

Detroit Area Greets 'n' Eats for Founders' Day

When: January 10, 2023 from 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM Eastern

Where: Sean O'Callaghan's Public House
821 Penniman Ave
Plymouth, MI 48170

Dear Fraters, 

As the pandemic stormed the planet for a while, it kept us from getting up with each other. It was a sad situation, and I hope that all within earshot of this invitation came away from it unscathed. So now, as the sun comes out with a few raindrops still falling, it's time we go ahead and get out and enjoy each other's company again and not miss another Founders' Day.

Let's meet at Sean O'Callaghan's Pub in Plymouth for some Irish Stout and plenty of hearty food.

Here's a free eventbrite link to go to, to say how many of you are coming.

There will be a cash bar and food menu to order and purchase on individual checks. Now at this point, after sitting in on the regional meeting a few days back and learning about the Michigan area fraternities, I'll add an optional activity that's for re-kindling some memories, but also for paying it forward to the chapters around the region that we would like to see either starting to thrive or continuing to thrive:

1. Find an old picture from your fraternity days that either made you thankful that you were a member, or, if someone wasn't a Teke, if they saw it, would make them want to become one. I'll ante up with a picture from our annual Yacht Party held every spring quarter. It was awesome, and the stories I will tell will of course be three times more awesome than that. 
2. Make a copy that you won't mind having a hole poked in it to go on a cork board which I will bring
3. Write a brief description of the past event in Sharpie on a 3 x 5 or 5 x 7 index card
4. Bring both to this event and we'll put both the picture and the description on the board
5. Once everyone has posted, we can all take a picture of it. If you have an original you wish to keep, make sure and grab it before departing
6. I'll send a master back to HQ, and they can share it with Teke chapters to inspire them for planning future activities.

Looking forward to some good New Year's cheer on Founders' Day!

Yours in The Bond,

Edward McCall,Georgia Tech '88  
Daryn Lawson, Grand Valley State University '88

Cost Of Attending: Cash bar & eats

Age Restriction: All Ages

Who's Invited: Alumni & Significant Others Welcome!

Parking: Some street parking and ample parking in a structure behind the pub

Attire: Casual

Registration/RSVP Details:

Call me, Edward, with any other logistical questions at (734) 239-3683,
Also keep co-host Daryn Lawson at (248) 971-0760, in the loop.
For more information, please contact:

Edward McCall

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