Build Better Men for a Better World

Generous support from friends like you helps us provide our collegiate Tekes the ability for them to become better men, to help create a better world.


Recognizing that given today’s escalating cost for a higher education, Tau Kappa Epsilon strives to provide resources so that the Fraternity experience is more affordable and meaningful for our more than 10,000 collegiate members. Those who contribute to the TKE Sustaining Fund  are making possible a number of programs that support and encourage the outreach of TKE.

In challenging economic times, your gift is extremely important. Your gift to the TKE Leadership Fund supports the Fraternity’s greatest needs.

With so many exciting programs, you can see that your gift will enhance a young mans experience. Your support will help us provide bright, curious young men with challenging programs and life-changing opportunities that prepare them not only for the real-world success but also to make a difference in communities around the world.

Learn more about how you can make a gift and make a difference.

Interested in including TKE in your long-term plans? You have many options, and the qualified staff at the TKE Educational Foundation is happy to provide personal assistance.

TKE Leadership Academy

Named in honor of one of our most distinguished, loyal and generous Fraters, the Charles R. Walgreen Jr., TKE Leadership Academy is TKE's premier leadership training program for young Fraters preparing for the challenges of leadership--in their chapters, on their campuses and in their communities. Over 20 successful years, TKE has developed this week-long summer program with the expert support of dedicated volunteers and staff leaders.

Participating Tekes travel from across the U.S. and Canada for the opportunity to bond with other promising young leaders, learn from expert instructors, and gain new understanding of their own leadership potential. Many find the Academy a defining moment in their lives. 


TKE now seeks to expand this signature program to more eager and well-qualified participants from across Teke Nation--but only donor support can make this possible.  Gifts and endowed funds for the Leadership Academy will empower TKE to give more young Fraters this transformational experience.

Sustaining Fund

Through the TKE Sustaining Fund, donors have the opportunity to invest in the TKE Educational Foundation's highest priorities, greatest needs and best opportunities. 

The Fund supports the full range of Foundations activities:

  • Expanding leadership training programs
  • Strengthening scholarship support for young men
  • Connecting TKE alumni with their chapters and Fraters across the Teke Nation 
  • Supporting strong TKE alumni associations that sustain the lifelong TKE bond
  • Helping chapters build for their futures

When you give to the TKE Sustaining Fund, you invest directly in the future strength of Tau Kappa Epsilon.  You help the TKE Educational Foundation be more strategic, more creative and move responsive.  And you improve the TKE experience for young Fraters--current and future--in all TKE chapters.

TKE Headquarters Building

TKE's international headquarters is the hub of activity and the center of leadership and support for the TKE Nation. Having outgrown its vintage 1971 building, the TKE Grand Council and Educational Foundation in April 2010 moved into a new headquarters facility designed to support the next generation of TKE growth and leadership. The new facility offers state-of-the-art support for conferences and retreats; great space for archives and memorabilia; and flexible workspace for a growing staff to support our continued growth as a fraternity.

The new TKE Headquarters represents an investment in the future of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Donors to the facility will help realize TKE's potential on an international scale, with ever-stronger leadership and support from the Grand Council and Educational Foundation and their dedicated staff and volunteers.

Special Projects

The TKE Educational Foundation manages Special Project Funds for chapters at colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada. These funds give loyal Tekes the opportunity to give back to the chapters that helped make them who they are today.

Special Project Funds support:

  • Educational facilities at chapter houses
  • Grants for chapter members to attend TKE leadership programs across the country

Donors to these funds help advance and sustain TKE's mission and bond at their chapters for for future generations.

Set up a Special Projects grant fund or apply for a Special Projects grant.

Scholarship Funds

Every year, the TKE Educational Foundation disburses thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to help young Fraters realize the promise of higher education. Along with the academic and social support of the TKE chapter, these funds make college dreams possible for young men of all backgrounds and aspirations.

Any Teke in good standing--whether a new collegiate Frater or an alumni pursuing graduate study--is eligible for scholarship support.

The TKE Educational Foundation offers three types of scholarships:

  • Chapter Scholarships: Every chapter has a scholarship fund dedicated to supporting its members in their academic careers.
  • Grand Chapter Scholarships: The Grand Chapter offers scholarships for qualifying Tekes from across the Fraternity.
  • Regional or Area-Based Scholarships: Donors can help young men in their communities to become their best selves through TKE.

Through endowed and outright gifts of all sizes, donors can show strong support for tomorrow's TKE scholars and invest in the next generation of TKE leaders. Learn how to set up a scholarship or check out the Scholarship Packet to learn more.


The Grand Chapter and the TKE Educational Foundation form the backbone of the TKE Nation.  With new technologies and systems, TKE can provide stronger, more efficient support for chapters and Fraters across the Fraternity.

With donor support for TKE's technology infrastructure:

  • New online learning capabilities will empower TKE to provide its essential chapter management and leadership training curricula to Fraters and chapters everywhere.
  • TKE will be able to extend the educational content of the Triangle Summits to those chapters that have been unable to attend Summits.  Round-the-clock access to the Summit curriculum will also help chapters stay informed and effective throughout the year.
  • New website capabilities and content will support TKE Fraters, chapters and alumni associations.
  • New database and communications systems will help TKE maintain stronger relationships with Fraters and sustain the TKE bond through the years.

Together, these tools will enable the Fraternity to support chapters, strengthen the international Teke community and stay connected with alumni as never before--but all of these require new investment and donor support.

Key Leader Training

According to research by Frater Dr. William Muse--former President of Auburn University, TKE Educational Foundation Board Member and Past Grand Prytanis of TKE--many of the strongest TKE chapters succeed in part due to the support of an active Advisor.  This important volunteer position advises the chapter on a range of management issues, provides continuity as chapter leadership changes year-to-year, and supports strong engagement and support by the chapter's alumni.

Recognizing the extraordinary value of these key leaders, TKE has developed an Advisor training program to help ensure the strongest advisory leadership for every TKE chapter.  With strong Advisors, every TKE chapter has the opportunity to thrive--but only donor support will bring this valuable program to fruition.