Designated Educational Area (DEA) Grant Process

In order to receive grant funds from the Foundation, a chapter must have an account with monies in it with the Foundation, and the use of the grant must be for a qualified educational purpose as allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. Any grants issued will be deducted from the funds available in the chapter’s special projects account with the Foundation.

To receive a disbursement from the special projects account, complete the DEA Grant Request. On this request, the chapter alumni leadership will need to certify that the funds will be used for a qualified educational purpose, as outlined on the form, and you will need to attach a letter or other documentation from an expert in the field showing that the amount of the work being done for that qualified purpose is equal to or greater than the amount requested in the grant.

For example, if the grant request is for a roof repair to the facility, the alumni leadership will need to certify that the Foundation grant funds will be used only for the qualified portions of the building that meet the IRS guidelines (covering the educational portions of the building). A statement from an architect, attorney, or other qualified expert that says a certain percentage of the building is used for educational purposes would allow an equal or lesser percentage of roof repair being funded through the Foundation grant. So, if the roof repair is $20,000 and an expert certifies that 40% of the building is used for a qualified educational purpose, 40% of the $20,000 – or $8,000 – would be qualified for grant consideration by the Foundation.

Request the your DEA Fund balance.