It's time to author the next chapter of TKE history.

Our Dedication to Inclusion

Our Commitment to You

Because of the continued support of generous donors like you, the Foundation has expanded its commitment to strengthening your lifelong connection with TKE. Under the Foundation’s governance model and strategic approach, we will:

  • Display the impact of donations through increased communications efforts
  • Leverage premier technology to increase reach and exposure
  • Engage donors and alumni through programs that advance their interests and personal growth
  • Strengthen relationships to grow donor support and thank our faithful contributors
  • Redefine our mission and vision to better align with member needs
  • Restructure our governance model to enhance engagement, productivity and progress

A Vision for the Future

Vision Statement: Lifelong Learning and Growth Opportunities for Every Frater.

Under our new vision, the Foundation lives to serve all members, undergraduates and alumni alike. In partnership with the Fraternity, we aim to engage members in:

  • Developing themselves to constantly live our principles
  • Learning from leadership development programs and industry leaders
  • Investing in personal relationships to learn and grow from each other
  • Bringing “Better Men for a Better World” to life for the world to see

Redefining Our Mission

Mission Statement: In partnership with TKE, the TKE Foundation supports programs and services that build Better Men for a Better World.

The Foundation supports its new mission and vision by:

  • Championing programs that aid each member’s mental, moral and social development
  • Supporting undergraduates through leadership development and scholarships
  • Advancing alumni interests and providing resources for every life stage

In 2019 and 2020, our Foundation ended its fiscal year on a historic note, having received some of the greatest donor support TKE has seen in over a decade. Donors across TKE Nation championed our mission by contributing over $1.9 million to advance the education and leadership development of Fraters.

These gifts allowed our Foundation to expand its support by increasing dollars granted from chapter and Grand Chapter scholarships by 27%, providing 58% more Special Projects Funds when compared to the previous fiscal year and expanding support toward the Elmer Smith Match to fully endow the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy.

Under our new mission, the Foundation will broaden its impact to include all resources and services that achieve our vision of fostering lifelong learning and growth opportunities for all Fraters.

Restructuring Our Governance Model

The TKE Foundation Board of Directors has voted and approved the election of its 2020-2022 officer positions and a restructured governance model, including three new officer roles. Realigning the Foundation’s governance model allows us to:

  • Streamline governance operations
  • Enhance donor engagement
  • Integrate strategic objectives
  • Focus on productivity and progress to better aid our members

The new model introduces three division vice chairmen for the Foundation including the Vice Chairman of External Affairs, Vice Chairman of Internal Affairs and Vice Chairman of Governance. Each Division is essential to exceeding expectations outlined by our new mission and vision. Division responsibilities include:

Division of External Affairs:

  • Develops fundraising and advancement goals, objectives and priorities
  • Oversees the development of strategic initiatives for marketing and communications
  • Makes recommendations for gift acceptance policies
  • Executes grant requests to support Fraternity programs
  • Provides insight on managing scholarship and Special Projects Funds

Division of Internal Affairs:

  • Oversees financial planning and investment functions to monitor the Foundation’s growth and continued success
  • Ensures all legal and financial reporting requirements of the Foundation are met

Division of Governance:

  • Develops strategic advancements and crafts policies to align with philanthropic best practices
  • Oversees personnel and human relations functions of the Foundation
  • Manages Board member recruitment and training

Learn more about the current Foundation Board.

United with our committed donors and volunteers, there is nothing we cannot accomplish under the guidance of our new governance model, mission and vision. Together, we will ensure current and future generations continue to benefit from the TKE experience.