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For the first time in nearly 70 years, Tau Kappa Epsilon and the TKE Educational Foundation are re-issuing a limited edition run of an amazing collector’s item - The Golden Book, the first 50 years of history of our beloved Fraternity. We are reproducing a limited number of copies of this 300-page hard cover book. Afterward, the digital files will be locked away never to be available again.

Each of The Golden Books will be individually numbered and will include a certificate of authenticity signed by three of the Fraternity’s Chief Executive Officers, Donald E. Aldrich, Timothy J. Murphy and Bruce B. Melchert. You can purchase your copy today through a gift to the TKE Educational Foundation of $250.

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About The Golden Book

This stunning re-production of The Golden Book, compiled by Grand Histor Emertus Leland F. Leland, is the first fifty years of TKE history. The hard cover 300-page book features a history on the Fraternity and on every chapter from Alpha through Gamma-Beta, photos of chapter houses, and more.

The 2017 re-print is individually numbered and features a Certificate of Authenticity on the inside cover of each book.


Preface: Where Credit Is Due

SECTION 1: The Pronouncement of Our Founders

SECTION 2: The Paragraphic History of TKE

SECTION 3: The Golden Anniversary of a Dream

SECTION 4: The Pre-Teke Fraternity Era

SECTION 5: Thus Was Built a Great Fraternity

SECTION 6: The Knights of Classic Lore

SECTION 7: The Ideals of Tau Kappa Epsilon

SECTION 8: “Opportunity Out of Defeat”

SECTION 9: The Era of Petition

SECTION 10: The Teke Declaration of Principles

SECTION 11: A Great Day: TKE Becomes a National

SECTION 12: “Above All Else, TKE Stands for Men”

SECTION 13: Tau Kappa Epsilon’s Growth and Development

SECTION 14: TKE: The Pioneering Fraternity

SECTION 15: TKE’s Contribution to the Education Process

SECTION 16: The Tau Kappa Epsilon National Office

SECTION 17: How Teke Officials Got Their Titles

SECTION 18: Tau Kappa Epsilon Insignia

SECTION 19: Tau Kappa Epsilon and Its Publications

SECTION 20: The History of Our Undergraduate Chapters

SECTION 21: Teke and Its Graduate Chapters and Clubs

SECTION 22: TKE Through Two World Wars

Our World War II Gold Stars



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Priceless Fraternity Documents

Throughout The Golden Book, there are priceless documents including this one from Founder James McNutt on page 269.

Great Historical Photos

The Golden Book features historical photos including photos of TKE chapter houses from across the country.

First 50 Years of TKE History

The Golden Book features the history of TKE including the story of the founding of Alpha through Gamma-Beta.

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