Fraters Camp Out to End Hunger

Fraters Camp Out to End Hunger

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. - The men of Xi-Eta Chapter (Missouri Western State University) held their fourth annual "Teke in a Box" campout for hunger. Fraters hit the sidewalk in front of Hy-Vee Grocery Store to raise money for St. Joseph's homeless, hungry and working poor.

Sleeping in their ramshackle fraternity house, the men far exceeded all expectations. They eclipsed last years totals by more than double, raising $3,322.23 and exactly 1,000 pounds of non-perishable food to donate directly to America's Second Harvest of Greater St. Joseph. According to the food bank, the dollar amount raised translates to 26, 658 potential pounds of food that can fight hunger and feed hope in the area.

The Xi-Eta Chapter and members from Central High School's Interact Club stayed diligently in their cardboard boxes for the entire 42 hours of the event, noteworthy considering inclement weather which combined cold temperatures, clothing-piercing winds, freezing rain and a touch of snow on the overnight shift.

More than 30 fraters and guest volunteers accepted donations for the philanthropy. Major donations came from individual donors, similar to past "Teke in a Box" events, but this year's stake out was marked by a tidal wave of generosity from everyday Hy-Vee shoppers.

"I am seriously floored by how this community responds to this event and opens their wallets and hearts," said Philanthropy Chair Ben Reutter, a sophomore from Iowa. "my parents were very proud, but also surprised that we did this right in front of a store in town."

Frater Ben's parents drove to the event from Des Moines, Iowa, treating the participants to a homemade meal and gaining a greater respect for the work he and the other fraters put forth for this event.

For the last three years, Second Harvest Food Bank honored the Xi-Eta Chapter with recognition as a "Harvest Hero" and awarded them the 2004 "Humanitarian Award" for a small organization at the mayor's thanksgiving dinner.

"The guys in the chapter get really excited about this effort because it's different than what most people expect from a fraternity, said Epiprytanis David Williams. "We're out here to do a good thing, enjoy it with friends, make a difference in the community, and most importantly, overcome stereotypes that doing charity work is not fun or something 'frat guys' do."

The Offices of Grand Chapter applaud the efforts of Xi-Eta and urge all fraters to impact their community like this. For more information on this efforts click here.

Adapted from Xi-Eta Chapter Press Release. If you would like to see your chapter news here, contact Communications Coordinator Tom McAninch.

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