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TKE Nation Madness Sweet Sixteen Set!

TKE Nation Madness Sweet Sixteen Set!

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Sweet Sixteen of the TKE Nation Madness is set! After a week of hard recruitment efforts, chapters and colonies stepped up their game to take first round competitions. There were a few blow-outs, but for the most part chapters and colonies pushed from wire to wire. Read More about the TKE Nation Madness by clicking here.

**Note Bolded Indicates Winner of First Round Matchup**

Region Chapter School Score
1 Colony 830 NYIT - Manhattan 90
1 Epsilon-Chi University at Buffalo 80
1 Beta-Delta University of Maryland 35
1 Tau-Delta Jersey City State 30
1 Epsilon-Zeta Rider University 130
1 Kappa-Psi Quinnipiac University 10
1 Colony 831 Penn State Univ. - Harrisburg 55
1 Xi-Gamma NYIT 50
2 Sigma-Alpha Florida International Univ. 80
2 Lambda-Zeta Troy University 10
4 Tau-Beta Sedona State Univ. 65
2 Mu-Sigma Morehead State Univ. 60
2 Lambda-Iota Florida State Univ. 20
2 Xi-Xi Texas State Univ. 10
2 Pi-Delta Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham 40
2 Nu-Xi Stephen F. Austin State Univ. 20
3 Zeta-Theta Colony Western Illinois Univ. 320
3 Nu-Iota Colony Univ. of Illinois-Chicago 30
3 Nu-Phi Colony Duquesne Univ. 160
3 Beta Millikin Univ. 10
3 Zeta-Zeta Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 70
3 Zeta-Omega California Univ. of PA 50
3 Omicron Ohio State Univ. 30
3 Iota-Omicron Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater 10
4 Epsilon Iowa State Univ. 60
4 Delta-Mu Colony Pittsburgh State Univ. 50
4 Beta-Omega Colony Missouri State Univ. 30
4 Alpha-Gamma Colony Washington State Univ. 10
4 Zeta-Pi Culver-Stockton College 20
4 Beta-Gamma Oklahoma State Univ. 10
4 Pi-Xi Univ. of California-San Diego 20
4 Tau Oregon State Univ. 10

Regional Semi-Final Match-ups (March 31 - April 4)

Region 1
Colony 830 vs. Beta-Delta
Colony 831 vs. Epsilon-Zeta

Region 2
Tau-Beta (Region 4) vs. Sigma-Alpha
Pi-Delta vs. Lambda-Iota

Region 3
Nu-Phi Colony vs. Zeta-Theta Colony
Omicron vs. Zeta-Zeta

Region 4
Beta-Omega Colony vs. Epsilon
Pi-Xi vs. Zeta-Pi

Click the image below for a downloadable PDF of the bracket.

If you would like to see your chapter news here, contact Communications Coordinator Tom McAninch.

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