AVA Graduates Forty Men

AVA Graduates Forty Men

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The William V. Muse Alumni Volunteer Academy graduated forty men over the weekend (Aug. 1-3). Volunteers from around the TKE Nation listened to presentations, asked questions and networked during their time in Indianapolis. Named for Frater William V. Muse (Epsilon-Upsilon, Northwestern State University), esteemed Frater and former President of Auburn University, the AVA focused on alumni skill development. It encompassed the "Fraternity for Life" motto, as it attracted post-collegiate members and continued their education in a new role with TKE.

"The weekend was a resounding success," said TKE Vice President for Fraternal Services Frater John Deckard (Grand Chapter). "We wanted to provide volunteers with a 'tool box' of life-skills to develop stronger men in the Fraternity. We have equipped these volunteers with functioning sets of institutional and operational knowledge for working with collegiate chapters, university and college campuses, and the Fraternity at large."

The AVA aimed to cultivate and develop emerging alumni leaders within the Fraternity. The multi-faceted training program allowed participants the opportunity to recommit to their Bond by being engaged and equipped to give back.

The curriculum encompassed a variety of topics such as facilitation skills, chapter visit how-to's, utilizing resources provided by the Headquarters, service and philanthropic partnerships in TKE, and cultivating an effective relationship with campus professionals.

Frater Muse once said, "There is nothing on a university campus that presents as significant an opportunity for leadership development, character formation, and the cultivation of skills that will be important in career advancement as does membership and active participation in college fraternal organizations. One has opportunities to become both a leader, as well as an effective follower or team member. When experienced to its fullest, there is hardly any better preparation for the challenges of life after graduation."

Learn more about the AVA by contacting the Offices of the Grand Chapter and future TKE news on the web site.

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