Ship Starts Sailing as All Hands on Deck Begins

Ship Starts Sailing as All Hands on Deck Begins

TKE NATION - The All Hands on Deck Initiative, announced at the 54th Biennial Conclave in Las Vegas, is now in it's second year of implementation. Grand Prytanis Frater Mark K. Johnson (President's Circle) of Nu-Theta chapter at the University of Utah, addressed the attendees at Conclave, calling for a special TKE Nation commitment to affect positive growth and retention. To that end, Grand Council and other volunteers, as well as the professional staff members, are once more taking to the roads to impact chapter and colony growth. Although volunteers already are asked to visit their chapters, they are taking additional time out of their busy schedules to meet with collegiate members and help them realize their true potential.

Calls and visits by the volunteers and professional staff have already yielded positive results for chapters and colonies discussing goals for the upcoming semesters. Goals, by themselves, are important, but even more so is the action plan on how to reach those. Staff and volunteers are helping to plan out those action steps to ensure the future vitality of each. This is not an aim to look at quantity over quality, but rather increase chapter growth and improve the internal strength of the group. The Grand Prytanis wants to see each chapter exceed even their own expectations, and with the help of all Fraters on board, this will become a reality.

Frater Bryston Cutter, Region 4 Director (Rho-Upsilon, Franklin College), says his recent recruitment workshop in Northern California was a great way to start his second year of All Hands on Deck.

"We had men from Nu, Theta-Upsilon, Tau-Beta, and Sigma-Chi chapters in attendance," said Frater Bryston (all pictured right). "We set some great goals for all of our Northern California groups and they are planning on nearly doubling their recruitment results from last year by using the dynamic recruitment methods we discussed."

Each chapter has lofty goals for the coming year, including Nu - 35, Theta-Upsilon - 45, Tau-Beta - 60, and Sigma-Chi - 27.

New Mexico State University, Alpha-Omicron Chapter, also worked hard over the past week to set some targets for the coming year. Assistant Regional Director Frater Justin Donnelly (Sigma-Theta, Saint Leo University), visited with these men during a recruitment event they held (pictured right). During this event they handed out free pizza and bottled water to students and promoted an upcoming recruitment event for later in the week.

"The event turned out well, with all the pizza and water being distributed along with all of the information they were able to give out about Tau Kappa Epsilon and their future recruitment events," said Frater Justin. "They have a local radio station, The Rocket, helping promote their events by lending their truck and sound equipment. They really made some good strides this week and I am looking forward to see the results."

We want to hear what you think about All Hands on Deck. Contact the Offices of the Grand Chapter at 317.872.6533 or email . Check back for more updates from the TKE Nation's All Hands on Deck Program as the semester continues.

The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon has released our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Looking for a way to contribute to the future of TKE? Make a gift to Life Loyal Teke today.

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