Six Degrees of TKE

Six Degrees of TKE

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The "small world theory," embodied in the old saw that there are just "six degrees of separation" between any two strangers on Earth, has been largely corroborated by a massive study of electronic communication recently by researchers at Microsoft. Based on this study, TKE conducted its own Six Degrees of TKE and it was a resounding success.

With nearly 250,000 members in TKE and roughly 180,000 of those living alumni or active members, the database underwent a massive update. More than 5,000 Fraters utilized the program to reconnect lost members with the Fraternity. The program, launched in September through electronic communication, found more than 3,500 lost members. A simultaneous program by Harris Connect concentrated on traditional mail and phone correspondence netting 60,000 alumni updates. These two reconnection companies found new address, emails, career, and family information.

A total of 205 Fraters referred at least five new Fraters for eligibility in the $250 VISA Gift Card drawing. Frater James Prentki (Omicron-Theta, Newberry College) was picked at random as the winner. We could not have had this level of success without all of your help. Thank You Fraters!

What does all this mean to you? The network of TKE is stronger today than ever before. Now when you ask yourself, 'What happened to my big brother' or 'I wonder where Frater John is,' there is an answer. Maybe you are in need of new job or relocated to a new city and would like to connect with fellow Fraters; it is easier than ever thanks to these grassroots efforts. TKE continues to seek out further updates through social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, and through the Alumni Update button located at We want everyone to be able to find their old friends, reconnect and network.

The obvious next question, 'How can I get my hands on this information?' It's as easy as a phone call (317.872.6533) or email to the Offices of the Grand Chapter. You can also order a hard-copy and/ or interactive CD-ROM Alumni Directory from Harris Connect by calling 1-800-877-6554. This directory will be released in April. We cannot give out this information for purposes of personal gain, but if you are looking to reconnect, advance your career, or organize an alumni gathering these options are open to you.

Conclave 2009 in New Orleans is just around the corner, what better opportunity to reconnect than by organizing a reunion. With all of the updated records and a little help from TKE Director of Alumni Relations Frater Louie Correa (317.872.6533), we can make sure your gathering is a success. So, contact TKE and get reconnected today.

The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon has released our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Looking for a way to contribute to the future of TKE? Make a gift to Life Loyal Teke today.

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