The 2010 TKE Educational Foundation Scholarships

The 2010 TKE Educational Foundation Scholarships

2010 TEF ScholarshipsINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The TKE Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the top scholarship winners for 2010. After careful review by a committee of five Fraters including four Past Grand Prytani, the Foundation has selected the following winners for TKE’s top scholarship awards:

Frater Michael Beals, Epsilon Chapter, Iowa State University 

Frater Beals is an accounting major at Iowa State and expects to graduate in 2011. He has already secured a position with Deloitte & Touche as an auditor upon graduation and is interested in a future political career. With a 3.92 GPA Michael has still had time to give considerable leadership talent to his Fraternity. He was Epsilon Chapter’s Rush Chairman, Epiprytanis and Prytanis over the last two years and has recently been serving on the Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon as President of the Collegiate Advisory Committee. He is a full voting member of the Grand Council which is the International Board for the Fraternity. Frater Beals is a graduate of the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy XXII and received the Bruce B. Melchert Scholarship last year. In commenting on Frater Beals, Past Grand Prytanis and Awards and Scholarship Committee Chairman, Frater Lon Justice said, "Michael is an outstanding example of what we hope for with all the young men we initiate. Michael has taken his role in his Fraternity seriously and has already provided valuable service." 

Frater Joshua Lammert, Delta-Upsilon Chapter, Missouri Valley College

Frater Lammert is a double major in Athletic Training and Exercise Science at Missouri Valley and has a perfect 4.0 GPA. He has served in many leadership capacities at his home chapter including the offices of Hypophetes and Histor. Joshua is a graduate of the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy XXIII and was a member last year of our All-Teke Academic Team. He plans to take the National Athletic Training Board Exam to become a certified entry-level Athletic Trainer in May, 2010. In reflecting on his experience at TKE Leadership Academy, he recalled a quote that has stayed with him and is particularly meaningful: "The joy is not being the builder, but seeing the fulfillment in your creation." Frater Lammert plans to use the funds for future graduate studies, board exam fees and other education advances.

Frater John Forman, Scorpion Chapter, Cornell University 

Frater John Forman, a major in Applied Economics and Management with a 4.05 GPA is also a graduate of the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy and was one of our SOAR Scholarship winners recognizing his outstanding academic achievement. Frater Forman was Prytanis of his chapter at Cornell and is currently serving as Hegemon. He has been a senior writer for the Cornell Daily Sun. This summer he will be interning with Deloitte and Touche in the audit practice and will have earned enough credits when he graduates from Cornell in 2011 to sit for the CPA exam. After some time in public accounting he aspires to teaching. In commenting on how his TKE membership has benefited him, Frater Forman said, "I have learned an incredible amount about the human condition – and particularly relationships. I have learned how to manage my best friends and to work effectively with others. I have learned how to set a goal and meet it. I have learned the power of the several over the singular – what a brotherhood is truly about." Frater Forman is not only our Top Scholar for 2010 but is also head of our All-Teke Academic Team.  

Frater Dan Scarrow, Zeta Chapter, Coe College

Frater Dan Scarrow, a Biology major with a GPA of 3.965 plans to go to either medical or dentistry school after graduation in 2011. He has served as Hypophetes and Hegemon in Zeta Chapter and is a member of the Coe College football team which finished 10th in the nation for Division III. Along with Fraternity, academic and athletic accomplishments, Frater Scarrow has volunteered with Special Olympics and the No-Cost Clinic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In commenting on how TKE has benefited him, he said, "Through all of these experiences, I think the most valuable thing I have developed is an honest esteem and love for people. Every person’s perspective is different and when you take the collective ideas of the group, the sum of the paths points toward excellence. My years in TKE have placed me on a path of excellence. To me, there could not be any larger benefit in life than this."

Frater Anthony Battaglia, Xi Iota Chapter, University of Central Florida

Frater Anthony Battaglia, a Political Science and Psychology major with a GPA of 3.82 has been accepted to The George Washington University to pursue a Master’s degree of Professional Studies in Legislative Affairs. His long term goal is to run for elected office and serve his country as a United States Congressman. Frater Battaglia has received many awards already including his chapter’s Top Teke award as well as it’s Academic Excellence Award. He has also received the Most Philanthropic Award and was the recipient of a Top Teke Award in 2009 from the Grand Chapter. He served as Prytanis of his chapter in 2009.

In addition to these top awards, the following Fraters have been named to the ALL TEKE ACADEMIC TEAM representing the brightest and best scholars in the Fraternity. Those named were:

Frater John Forman, Scorpion Chapter, Cornell University

Frater Scott DePutron, Iota-Zeta, Syracuse University
Frater Drew Bundschuh, Beta-Mu, Bucknell University
 Frater Tyler Ulreich, Theta-Omicron, Adrian College
Frater Ryan Dulac, Beta-Upsilon, University of Maine
Frater Thomas Stoecker, Beta-Chi, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
 Frater Cory Funk, Pi Alpha, Ashland University
 Frater Brian Casey, Lambda, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Frater Tyler Lamensky, Beta, Millikin University
 Frater Christopher Nish, Zeta Nu, Valdosta State University

Congratulations to all these worthy winners! TKE wishes you the very best in your career pursuits and throughout your lives!

The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon has released our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Looking for a way to contribute to the future of TKE? Make a gift to Life Loyal Teke today.

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