Recent TKELA Graduate Shares Experience

Recent TKELA Graduate Shares Experience


CALIFORNIA, Pennsylvania, July 8, 2013 - Frater Brenden Shoop (Zeta-Omega, California University of Pennsylvania) has established himself in the professional field of property management at the age of 21. The recent graduate of the Charles R. Walgreen Leadership Academy shared his experience in Colorado and how the curriculum will impact his leadership style in the future.

"Leadership academy allowed me to further myself not only as a brother but also as a man. There are many situations in life where you must stick to your morals, values, and inner beliefs and that is exactly what we were taught. It may not always be the easy decision, but if it's the right one, that's what matters." said Shoop.

Frater Shoop is the Company Manager for Best University Properties LLC where he handles communication, marketing, customer service, and office management.
"A lot of people hate the jobs they have because of who they work for, and I believe your boss makes worlds of difference. This is exactly what the Leadership Academy taught me. If you have a boss who comes into work every day angry or mad, it reflects very poorly on your employees, resulting in poor work and lack of motivation. If you have a boss who comes in every day and says how are you? The personal interaction will result in high effort and high motivation. The way you handle a situation can mean the world to a specific environment of people. In my life I believe I have been blessed, I have had a few mentors who without them I would never be the person I am. To those people, I owe my gratitude and one day I hope I can do the same for someone else. "
Frater Shoop is a reminder that the undergraduate experience through Tau Kappa Epsilon prepares its members for successful college years and beyond. The individuals that take everything they can from the experience will always understand the benefits of being connected to the Fraternity for Life.
"When things get rough in life and trust me, they do, you have brothers. Sometimes you may fight, argue or antagonize each other and that's just part of being men, but when the wounds show, or life gets a little heavy, trust me, you always have brothers."
Brenden Shoop hopes to someday live his dream by owning his own Night club and bar. With the right opportunity, there is no debating the success this young Frater will have in his future.  
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