Circle of Excellence Induction During Conclave

Circle of Excellence Induction During Conclave

During the Biennial Convention of Conclave in Washington D.C. a prestigous group of Tau Kappa Epsilon members will be inducted into the Circle of Excellence. Conclave attendees are encouraged to attend the Q&A on Friday (Aug 9th) from 3-4pm to learn about the stories and successes of each of the honorees. Undergraduates in attendance will also be able to participate in a raffle for a brand new IPAD to be given away at the conclusion of the event. 

This Conclave induction class will be:

John B. Carter, Jr., Beta-Pi, Atlanta, Georgia

Joseph W. Evans, Beta-Pi, Atlanta, Georgia

Marion B. Glover, Jr., Beta-Pi, Atlanta, Georgia

Greg L. Hatcher, Zeta-Delta, Little Rock, Arkansas

Lon G. Justice, Pi-Alpha, Cupertino, California

B. D. Owens, Delta-Nu, Clearwater, Florida

Gary J. Previts, Upsilon-Alpha, Rocky River, Ohio

John A. Saxton, Beta-Mu, Lutherville, Maryland

Elmer R. Smith, Mu-Sigma, Roswell, Georgia

Donald R. Tapia, Sigma-Theta, Paradise Valley, Arizona

More information about these recipients, including a brief biography will be in the next Teke Magazine. The History and Purpose of the Circle of Excellence is something that should be remembered by every Teke. Join us August 9th for this special occasion.


PurposeThe first time TKE reached out to our distinguished alums for advice and involvement was in 1978, when Grand Prytanis Dr. Bill Muse established the Grand Prytanis Advisory Committee. The chair of that committee was our distinguished alum and former president of the United States, Ronald Reagan. Frater Reagan called on several other distinguished alums across the country to assemble and consider involvement in our Fraternity, and the result was wonderful because several chose to engage in many different ways. This beginning was not only important but also warrants our appreciation for the good spirited willingness of those Fraters who came together in 1978. Therefore, we have grandfathered the members of our 1978 Grand Prytanis Advisory Committee as the first Circle of Excellence members. Since then, at each biennial Conclave starting in 2007, TKE has inducted new members to our Circle of Excellence. The year of a member's induction is listed and from time to time, inductions occur in a more local setting.

The Tau Kappa Epsilon Circle of Excellence is a group of Tekes who have achieved the highest level of professional success in their chosen field of endeavor. These men have been recognized by their peers for extraordinary achievement. Tau Kappa Epsilon has established the Circle to recognize these Fraters, to welcome their input on the activities of the Fraternity and Foundation, and to invite them to help develop our next generation of TKE leaders whenever and however possible. The Circle of Excellence is a genuine and heartfelt expression of Tau Kappa Epsilon that might be summarized in these four words: "Job Well Done, Frater." Members are a source of pride and inspiration for the current undergraduates of our more than 278 chapters as well as for all alumni of Tau Kappa Epsilon.


For more information, please contact:

Kyle Erdman
Communications Specialist

The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon has released our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Looking for a way to contribute to the future of TKE? Make a gift to Life Loyal Teke today.

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