CEO Appoints 2013 Collegiate Advisory Committee

CEO Appoints 2013 Collegiate Advisory Committee

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Tau Kappa Epsilon today announced that Chief Executive Officer Shawn A. Babine has appointed the 2013 Collegiate Advisory Committee. The slate of candidates were unanimously approved by the Past Grand Prytanis of TKE in a meeting held on Friday October 11th. The CAC is made up of 9 collegiate members who serve as an advisory board to the Fraternity. 

In their first meeting, Frater Shaun Taylor of the Xi-Omega Chapter at Virginia Tech was elected Chairman by his fellow Committeemen and will serve as an At-Large Member on the Grand Council. Shaun has shown great leadership with his success in rebuilding a struggling Xi-Omega Chapter at Virginia Tech that has seen the chapter grow from 20 men to more than 80 active Tekes.
Joining Frater Taylor on the Collegiate Advisor Committee are:
Region 1: Randy Fox, Tau-Omega, Carleton University (Canada)
Region 1: Derek Palmerton, Xi-Upsilon, Rochester Institute of Technology (New York)
Region 2: David Gonzalez, Kappa-Beta, University of Texas – Pan Am (Texas)
Region 2: Conor Cunov, Pi-Theta, University of Texas – San Antonio (Texas)
Region 3: Joshua Rose, Beta, Millikin University (Illinois)
Region 4: Kevin Anderson, Epsilon, Iowa State (Iowa)
Region 4: Cole Brown, Beta-Xi
Region 4: Zachary Vorhof, Alpha-Gamma, Washington State University (Washington)

Region: Region I
School: Carleton University
Major: Communications & Law

Chapter: Tau-Omega
Year: Junior – 2015
Cum GPA: 3.22
Insight Frater Randy offers the CAC an international perspective, joining us from the largest Canadian Chapter. Randy is a TKE Leadership Academy graduate, chapter Histor, and IFC Vice Chairman. Frater Randy has been a regular participant in several educational conferences including RLCs and PECs. Tau-Omega is a repeat Top TKE Chapter and excels in several individual merit categories including Top Recruiting Chapter.

Region: Region I
School: Rochester Inst. of Tech
Major: Electrical Engineer

Chapter: Xi-Upsilon
Year: Junior – 2016
Cum GPA: 3.06
Insight: Frater Derek is a two-term chapter Prytanis who has led his chapter into a growing and evolving chapter that has successfully removed high risk members, replacing them with more than 29 new men in a single year to double the chapter's size. Derek has attended TKE educational conferences including PEC, RLC, and Conclave. He also serves as the RIT IFC Vice President. The chapter has received merit recognition – most improved - in membership recruitment, community service, and academic progress.

Region: Region II
School: Virginia Tech University
Major: Political Science & Economics

Chapter: Xi-Omega
Year: Junior – 2015
Cum GPA: 3.56
Insight: Frater Shaun, excels in everything he does having started as candidate class President, Chapter Hegemon, and active Prytanis. Taylor has attended many educational conferences not only with TKE with attendance at PEC, RLC and Conclave Programs. He was also a delegate to AFLV and NIC's UIFI programs in 2013. A 2013 graduate of the TKE Leadership Academy Frater Xi-Omega has was recognized as a  Most Improved Chapter in 2012 and Top TKE Chapter in 2013. Xi-Omega is also a Top 20 recruiting chapter.

Region: Region II
School: University of Texas - Pan American
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Chapter: Kappa-Beta
Year: Junior – 2015
Cum GPA: 3.96
Insight: Frater David is a re-founding father and 2012 initiate of the Kappa-Beta chapter and hopes that his tenure on the CAC will encourage greater emphasis on academic success. David's success is reinforced by his focus on increasing recruitment standards and candidate academic performance. David presents a very strong recommendation from Past Grand Prytanis Edmund C. Moy, and offers the CAC a perspective of a smaller school chapter and diverse social demographic.

Region: Region II
School: University of Texas - San Antonio
Major: Accounting

Chapter: Pi-Theta
Year: Sophomore - 2016
Cum GPA: 3.37
Insight: Frater Conor currently serves his chapter as Rush Chairman, and has held other leadership positions including candidate class President, Histor, and Crysopholos. He is a UTSA Honors Student and has held several leadership positions on the IFC and Student Government Association. Conor has been a regular participant in TKE educational conferences including PECs, RLC, and Conclave 2013. 

Region: Region III
School: Millikin University
Major: Philosophy

Chapter: Beta
Year: Junior – 2015
Cum GPA: 3.54
Insight: Frater Joshua is a Presidential Scholar, Millikin University Research Scholar, member of Alpha Lambda Delta National Academic Honors Society, and currently serves as the Prytanis of the Beta Chapter of TKE. Frater Joshua has had experience with international exchanges (Italy) and professional experience with the States Attorney Office in Decatur, Illinois. Frater Rose presented a valuable position statement that supports expansion of anti-hazing and alcohol abuse prevention programs within the Fraternity.

Region: Region IV
School: Iowa State University
Major: Agricultural Education

Chapter: Epsilon
Year: Junior – 2015
Cum GPA: 3.50
Insight: A current candidate for Epiprytanis of his home chapter, Frater Kevin has served his chapter in progressive leadership positions including Philanthropy Chairman, Histor, and is extensively involved in other leadership positions. Anderson is a repeat participant in TKE educational programs including PEC, RLC, and is a graduate of the TKE Leadership Academy. 

Region: Region IV
School: Washington State University
Major: Political Science

Chapter: Alpha-Gamma
Year: Junior – 2015
Cum GPA: 2.89
Insight: Frater Zachary is the Alpha-Gamma Chapter's Histor and is a 2013 graduate of the TKE Leadership Academy where he is noted to have excelled in his small group facilitation team. The Alpha-Gamma Chapter is a Top TKE Chapter and Top Recruiting Chapter. Vorhof has served on WSU's student government as the Assistant Director of Student Life.

Region: Region IV
School: Tempe, Arizona
Major: Biomedical Engineer

Chapter: Beta-Xi
Year: Junior – 2015
Cum GPA: 3.60
Insight: Recommended by Frater Don Tapia, TEF Board of Directors Member, Frater Cole is a strong leader having served his chapter as Histor and now as Hegemon. The Beta-Xi Chapter of TKE is a repeat Top TKE Chapter and Top Recruiting Chapter and has received several individual merit certificates. Frater Brown is a 2013 TKE Leadership Academy graduate and hopes that the CAC will help the Fraternity focus on improving underperforming chapters.
For more information, please contact:

Kyle Erdman
Communications Specialist

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