Give a Gift with Angelwish

Give a Gift with Angelwish


During the holiday season, memories are being created through the cheer and joy that is spread. An organization called, "Angelwish" makes it possible for people to give gifts of happiness to children living with chronic illnesses, such as asthma, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS who otherwise might not have a positive holiday memory this season., a non-profit organization, was started by Frater Shimmy Mehta (Theta-Zeta, Rutgers) in hopes to give busy people like himself an opportunity to give back to communities in his area. Angelwish helps donors grant wishes to tens of thousands of children in over 125 different hospitals around the world, through an online donation system that lets the viewer choose a location, choose a gift, and impact a specific child's wish. It makes it easy for you as well as for the recipients.

Now is the time of the year for members of Tau Kappa Epsilon to join in during the holiday celebration and make an impact on a child's life today. Go online, find a child near your chapter or your hometown, and grant a wish that will make their holiday season, one they will never forget.

Give a Gift HERE.


For further information or to get your entire chapter/colony involved with Angelsih, please contact:

Shimmy Mehta

Angelwish Founder & CEO

The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon has released our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Looking for a way to contribute to the future of TKE? Make a gift to Life Loyal Teke today.

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