Everyday TKE Heroes

Everyday TKE Heroes

In the Summer 2014 issue of THE TEKE, we introduced our first two Every Day TKE Heroes.  These fraters have made an impact on Tekes lives by just being Tekes.

We are currently seeking nominations for the Fall 2014 issue of THE TEKE for Every Day TKE Heroes.  Think about a big brother who made an impact on your life, a Frater who's guidance helped your graduate, a Teke who goes out of his way for others, or a Teke just being a Teke.  To nominate, please email us at hero@tke.org.


"...Matthew Hruszczak is my everyday TKE hero. He was so dedicated to his brotherhood—you could see it in his eyes, how much he loved being a Teke. He lived life to its fullest and he remains as much of an inspiration to everyone as he was when he was alive. A handful of my sisters have had no qualms declaring Matt their "favorite Teke ... hands down." He had a natural ability to make everyone feel special and comfortable. His smile was contagious and the sparkle in his eyes was infectious. His brothers valued him, and they created the hashtag #livelikematt to remind them to love life and exceed in everything they put their minds to. He was an outstanding representation of TKE, and I am so grateful because without TKE, I never would have met him. Life without him in it seems unreal and I think about him every day, as I'm sure is the case with the countless number of people he's had such an effect on. As an outsider, I can honestly say that the TKE organization at both the local and International level is lucky to have had Matthew Hruszczak as a member of their brotherhood. He is truly an everyday TKE hero."

Kimberly Cogland
Theta Phi Alpha Alumnae
Gamma Delta Chapter


"...Pete (Dawson) served as a great inspiration, advisor, and most importantly, a friend. He would be the man we would go to for help in our architecture studies, frequently coming to our assistance at one in the morning to give us some advice before a big review. He is also the man we would go to with our personal and fraternal problems. Pete would always give us the best advice while putting things into perspective to better us in the future. Because of men like Pete Dawson, I joined this wonderful Fraternity, and because of that I am thankful for all the great friends I've met along the way..

As a staff member, Pete has constantly gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist us and the chapters within Region 1. He is the one you can call to fix a problem, or simply call to vent frustration to. His phone is always on, and he is always willing to talk.

Pete Dawson is my everyday TKE hero because without him, I don't know if I would have experienced TKE the way I have."

Jon Donohue
New York Institute of Technology

To read their full nominations, view our digital edition of THE TEKE magazine at www.theteke.org.

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