2015 Top 4 Scholarship Winners & All-Teke Academic Team

2015 Top 4 Scholarship Winners & All-Teke Academic Team

The TKE Educational Foundation is privileged to announce the members of the All-Teke Academic Team and recipients of our prestigious named scholarships offered through the Offices of the Grand Chapter. The second and final round of award winners for the 2014-15 Scholarships will be released no later than May 15, 2015.

Our mission is to establish and support scholarships and leadership training programs which promote academic achievement and strengthen moral, social and community values. Each of the Fraters below exemplifies the best in TKE: Please join us in congratulating them on their achievements in their community and campus environments!

2014-2015 TKE Educational Foundation
Top Scholarship Recipients

Matthew Shute
Gamma-Kappa Chapter
Indiana University

"The connections I have made with various people through TKE and other organizations will benefit me greatly in the long run. The leadership positions that I hold in all campus organizations in which I am involved have sharpened my skills of organization, discernment, management, planning, delegation, budgeting, persuasion, etc. Membership in political organizations and various campaigns has sharpened my philosophies on government and economic policy, and that will definitely help me be a better leader in the future. I want to run for office, as I believe that public leadership is my calling. I have spent the majority of my life following in Frater Reagan's footsteps, and I hope to serve in governmental offices not for wealth, rank, or honor, but to improve the worth and character of my community, state, and nation."

Cameron McElfresh
Pi-Xi Chapter
University of California, San Diego

"Membership in TKE has been the very foundation of my life in college. While I could go on about the lessons and ideals that TKE has imprinted on me - I would rather talk about the two most significant things that TKE has exposed me to: how to lead and how to succeed. I was able to expand my leadership capabilities through Epiprytanis and Prytanis. Being in these positions of power, I had to apply myself to make sure that my every move bettered the chapter. I honestly believe that the leadership skills I have gained, and will continue to gain, through Pi-Xi chapter of TKE is going to be a determining factor in my overall holistic success. The second most valuable thing that TKE has ingrained in me is how to succeed. For 3 years I have learned that in order to succeed you need to learn from previous mistakes, whether your own or others, and improve on yourself to avoid such pitfalls. These experiences taught me a new lesson of what I need to do in order to succeed for myself and the chapter."

Trevor White
Upsilon-Eta Chapter
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

"Membership within Tau Kappa Epsilon has benefited me with opportunities and experiences I could not have achieved elsewhere. My main goal was to attend medical school, so my focus was within the health and medical field throughout most of my previous education endeavors. TKE has given me a chance to round my experiences into social and communal activities outside of the health and medical field. My passion and love for teaching led me to the position of Hegemon. The experience of being able to sculpt the minds of the new candidates and their understanding of what this great fraternity is about gave a deeper meaning to TKE. It made me appreciate the history and construct deeper and became more meaningful. This is also the reason I joined Life Loyal Teke at the graduation of my first program. I feel Life Loyal Teke was a great opportunity to stay in touch with the fraternity and give back while I was abroad for medical school."

Logan Gushiken
Epsilon Chapter
Iowa State University

"The skills that I have learned as a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon and as a student leader will go far beyond my undergraduate years. I've learned time management, leadership, and meeting conduction skills, but the most influential characteristic that I have developed is confidence. I am in the incredible position of being surrounded by one hundred gentlemen who support me through any challenge and motivate me to become better on a daily basis. I could not ask for a better family to share my undergraduate experience with and support me as I grow into the man they all have invested so much into."


2014-15 All-Teke Academic Team


David Gonzalez Kappa-Beta Chapter University of Texas, Pan-American
Jonah Griego Tau-Psi Chapter University of West Florida
Ian Hoffman Zeta-Pi Chapter Culver-Stockton College
David John Lambda-Upsilon Colony Georgia Southern University
Brandon Landowski Epsilon Chapter Iowa State University
Thomas Lunik Upsilon-Iota Chapter Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
John Marchetta Beta-Chi Chapter Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Victor Rodriguez Sigma-Alpha Chapter Florida International University
Scott Shermetaro Upsilon-Xi Chapter Oakland University
Joshua Nixon Beta-Eta Chapter Missouri University of Science & Technology

Congratulations to those selected as the Top 4 Scholarship Winners and All-Teke Academic team.  The remaining scholarship winners will be announced on May 15, 2015.

For more information, please contact:

Emily Garrott
TEF Development Manager

The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon has released our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Looking for a way to contribute to the future of TKE? Make a gift to Life Loyal Teke today.

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