Frater Frank Pellicer Enters Chapter Eternal

Frater Frank Pellicer Enters Chapter Eternal

It is with great regret that we mourn the loss of Frater Frank Pellicer of the Sigma-Alpha chapter at Florida International University.

Frater Pellicer passed away on Mother's Day, May 10. The chapter received news of Frater Pellicer getting into a fatal car accident from Sigma-Alpha Chapter President Matt Atkins.

Every brother and member of the FIU community described Frater Pellicer as hilarious, selfless, genuine, positive and bright. He was the kind of person who would believe in you much harder than you would believe in yourself to inspire you to reach your goals.

"In the past couple of years Frank was a very important person in my life," said Frater Javi Rodriguez. "From [being his] new member educator, Greek tree, to gym partner and all around best friend, Frank will always be remembered as one of the most selfless and genuine people who has walked on Earth. We are all in mourning, but we are all celebrating his memories."

While Frater Pellicer was heavily involved in TKE, he was also a member of the Student Programming Council, which is responsible for concerts, movie nights, comedy shows and other forms of entertainment at FIU's campus.

Upon hearing the news the Sigma Alpha chapter decided to start a GoFundMe in order to reduce funeral costs for Frater Pellicer's parents. The chapter rallied support from the Miami and FIU community to help raise funds.

"We created a GoFundMe as an effort to help Frank's family...We raised over $8,000 in two days and ended up raising $11,595 in total," Frater Evan Acle said.

The FIU community came together to mourn the loss of one of their own. Members of other organizations came up to brothers to express their condolences, donated to the GoFundMe, and posted a photo of Frank in his memory.

"It was great to see that because it showed that at the end of the day we really are one," said Frater Acle. "We come together when we are in a time of despair and need. Different organizations donated to our fund for Frank and every organizations showed their condolences."

Our thoughts and prayers are with the men of the Sigma Alpha chapter and the Pellicer family. If you would like to contribute to the Frank Pellicer Memorial Fund on GoFundMe, you can donate here.

By: Khadijah Khan, News Reporter, The Minaret

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