Frater John Broadway Named Mentor of the Year by Power 4 Youth

Frater John Broadway Named Mentor of the Year by Power 4 Youth

(L-R) Roberto Hernandez and John Broadway

INDIANAPOLIS - Frater John Broadway from the Delta-Theta chapter at California State University, Long Beach was recently named Mentor of the Year by Power 4 Youth, a site-based one-on-one mentoring program for struggling students. Frater Broadway met Roberto Hernandez five months ago and has since served as a role model, mentor and friend. "I am grateful for the opportunity to be a mentor for Power 4 Youth," said Broadway. "I am humbled and honored to be chosen as their Mentor of the Year." 

The following piece was submitted by Frater John Broadway to Power 4 Youth: 

"Having the opportunity to be a mentor to Roberto Hernandez fills me with immense gratitude. Thanks to the Power 4 Youth program, I have been put in a position to be a positive influence and make a difference in a young teenager's life. Being a mentor has not only allowed me to help another person, but it has helped me personally in numerous ways as well.

Upon meeting Roberto I understood that to be a competent mentor I would need to the best positive role model that I could for him. Assuming this role has in turn influenced me to strive to achieve more and be the best that I can be. Ironically, striving to positively influence Roberto has influenced me to achieving these accomplishments; being awarded a scholarship, acceptance into the prestigious President's Ambassadors program, and applying and being accepted into TKE's Leadership Academy. I used all of these accomplishments to inspire Roberto to strive for achievements in his life.

Along with providing motivation for me to achieve more, being a mentor for Roberto has motivated me to be a better, more responsible person. Positioning myself as a role model for him was a constant way to check myself from acting and thinking wrongly or irresponsibly. I can honestly say that I have become a better more responsible person since meeting Roberto, because holding myself to the role model/mentor standard has influenced me to make better choices.

Additionally, being a mentor has provided me with increased feelings of confidence and self-worth. I've always wanted to make a difference in this world for the better and being a positive role model for Roberto is a great way to do that. Roberto is struggling with his grades and is disillusioned about his chances at going to college. By being a role model and an example, I plan on showing him the benefits and merits that a college education have to offer. Hopefully this will inspire him to pursue a college degree and other successes that completing college entails. Potentially influencing Roberto in such a positive way fills me with much confidence and self-worth, just another way that being a mentor has helped me.

All in all, I cannot overstate how thankful I am to be mentor for Power 4 Youth. Being a mentor has helped me grow and change for the better, while also being in a position to make a positive difference in a teenager's life. I sincerely wish I have positively influenced Roberto as much if not more than being a mentor has influenced me."

About Power 4 Youth

Power 4 Youth provides site-based one-on-one academic mentoring for struggling students. Power 4 Youth helps at-risk middle and high school youth to do better in school by addressing the issues that are keeping the students from doing their best, and motivating them to be good citizens of the community. We are more than homework and tutoring: Mentors help students work on the broader issues that are affecting their grades. Be it study skills and time management or behavior issues or motivation and goal-setting, mentors help create strategies to overcome the challenges and build the skills necessary to be successful.

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist

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