CEO Appoints 2015 Collegiate Advisory Committee

CEO Appoints 2015 Collegiate Advisory Committee

INDIANAPOLIS - Tau Kappa Epsilon announced today that Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Aldrich has appointed the 2015 Collegiate Advisory Committee. The slate of candidates were unanimously approved by a council of Past Grand Prytani of TKE last week. The CAC is made up of nine collegiate members who serve as an advisory board to the Fraternity.  

The 2015 Collegiate Advisory Committee is made up of the following individuals:
Jed Thomas, Omicron-Sigma (IU-Southeast) - 1 Year Term
Jonah Griego, Tau-Psi (West Florida) 2 Year Term
Brant Ziemba, Epsilon-Rho (Northern Arizona) 2 Year Term
Dakota Renz, Alpha-Gamma (Washington State) 2 Year Term
Gary Brotz, Alpha-Tau (Drexel) 2 Year Term
Cal Jimenez, Upsilon-Upsilon (Farmingdale) 2 Year Term
Brandon Meyer, Lambda-Iota (Florida State) 2 Year Term
A.J. Hayes, Beta-Xi (Tempe, Arizona) 2 Year term

Frater Jed Thomas (1 Year Term)

Area: Central
School: Indiana University Southeast

Chapter: Omicron-Sigma
Insight: Frater Jed Thomas has been a stand out young man, both in his personal life as well as for the past few years in TKE, particularly since his attendance at the TKE Leadership Academy in 2013. Jed has been a two time National Teen Strongman Champion, exhibiting monumental dedication and work ethic. He has served as Hegemon, Epiprytanis, and is the current Prytanis of his chapter. 
Frater Jonah Griego (2 Year Term)

Area: Central
School: University of West Florida

Chapter: Tau-Psi
InsightJonah Griego spent the summer of 2015 working as an intern for the TKE Educational Foundation in Indianapolis. He gained the unique experience of working alongside the Professional Staff at the Offices of the Grand Chapter and seeing the work it takes to make TKE successful. Through both his chapter’s history as well as his own recent internship, Frater Jonah will serve to be a positive addition to the CAC. Frater Jonah has served as Philanthropy Chairman, Rush Chairman, and Epiprytanis. 
Frater Brant Ziemba (2 Year Term)

Area: Coastal
School: Northern Arizona University

Chapter: Epsilon-Rho
InsightBrant and the leadership of Epsilon-Rho have brought a group that was on the brink of being closed to winning a top TKE Award. Between the excellent communication he has had with Professional Staff, the passion he has shown for TKE, and the difference he makes in his own chapter, he is a great addition to the CAC. Brant has attended 2 province education conferences in the Southwest Province, the 2014 and 2015 Greg and Cay Woodson Regional Leadership Conferences, and is a graduate of Leadership Academy XXVIII. Frater Brant has served as Philanthropy Chair, Crysophylos, and currently serves as Epsilon Rho’s Prytanis.
Frater Dakota Renz (2 Year Term)

Area: Coastal
School: Washington State University

Chapter: Alpha-Gamma
InsightAs a respected leader of the Alpha-Gamma Chapter, Associated Students of Washington State University, WSU President’s Student Advisory Committee and Board Member of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce, Dakota has shown a remarkable ability to balance multiple high-ranking positions while earning the respect and admiration from his peers due to his remarkable aptitude for true servant leadership. He has taken the initiative to invest in his fraternal and professional development by attending the Pacific Northwest PEC in 2014, the Greg and Cay Woodson RLC in 2014 and 2015, and the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Leadership Academy in 2014. Frater Dakota currently serves as Epiprytanis of the Alpha-Gamma chapter. 
Frater Gary Brotz (2 Year Term)

Area: Coastal
School: Drexel University

Chapter: Alpha-Tau
InsightFollowing a turbulent time for the chapter, Gary Brotz took over as Prytanis. Gary helped to ensure that his executive council worked together to bring the Alpha-Tau chapter back to full strength. He listened to members of the chapter, and more importantly, spoke to them from the heart. Soon after, the chapter’s 75th anniversary represented a celebration not only of past accomplishments but also of all of the recent accomplishments the chapter had made. Everyone wanted to see Alpha-Tau succeed. Gary invested the time and energy to make it happen. Prior to serving as Prytanis, Frater Gary served as Grammateus. 
Frater Cal Jimenez (2 Year Term)

Area: Coastal
School: Farmingdale State College

Chapter: Upsilon-Upsilon
Insight: Cal Jimenez began to show his colors in November at the St. Jude Give Thanks Walk in New York. He made contacts, built new friendships and started to think of a larger role in the Fraternity. At the end of the academic year, Cal ran for Prytanis with intentions of reinvigorating the chapter. He got to work immediately and spent his summer at a variety of TKE events including Leadership Academy and Conclave. Cal sees the best in people and he wants the best for the Fraternity. He believes in the ideals of Tau Kappa Epsilon and is intent on making everyone around him better. Previously, Frater Cal served as Histor and Philanthropy Chairman. 
Frater Brandon Meyer (2 Year Term)

Area: Central
School: Florida State University

Chapter: Lambda-Iota
InsightBrandon joined TKE at Florida State in the fall of 2013, since then he has played an important role in the success and improvement of his chapter. As a newly initiated member he quickly assumed the role of Recruitment Chair. This past year he directly influenced the chapter’s recruitment numbers by in bringing in 34 new members. He is a recent graduate of the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy and was awarded the chapter’s “9th Officer” Award. Brandon will be a good resource on the CAC and to his fellow collegiate members. 
Frater A.J. Hayes (2 Year Term)

Area: Coastal
School: Tempe, Arizona

Chapter: Beta-Xi
InsightA.J. has served and continues to serve as one of the most important and influential members of the Beta-Xi chapter. He has maintained the moral and support locally with members when times seemed discouraging for Beta-X and has played an important role in rebuilding and maintaining a direct relation with the Offices of the Grand Chapter. A.J. has attended Regional Leadership Conferences, Conclave, and recently graduated from the Charles R. Walgreen Leadership Academy earlier this summer. He is the current Crysophylos and is working towards a degree in Economics. A.J. has a passion and drive for TKE and will serve as a great member on the CAC. 
For more information, please contact:

Daniel Klopfenstein
Communications Specialist


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