Frater Brian McGraw

Frater Brian McGraw

This story originally appeared in the spring 2015 edition of THE TEKE. 

Before Chief Warrant Officer 3 Brian McGraw, AH-64D Pilot and Aviation Safety Officer, made his first trip overseas to serve his country in the United States Army, he served the Beta-Beta chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at North Carolina State University as Grammateus his junior year. Today, working in the joint operations environment, Brian contributes his success to the bond he shared with brothers as a young Frater.

“TKE was my first experience living, working and leading. The foundation was set at that point for my future. The lessons I learned in management, life and leading was invaluable to my career now.”

Commissioned in 2004 from NC State, Brian has served the United States Army for the past 10 years. Although a decade has passed since his days on the NC State campus in Raleigh, the brotherhood and connection he shares with other Fraters has been unwavering. “To me, the Fraternity is a lifelong brotherhood. It is a group of guys that you may go months or years without seeing, but because of the common bond that is shared, you can pick it up like it was only yesterday.” 

The bond shared is why Brian says he still stays in contact with other Tekes from his collegiate days. It’s that same bond that Brian says is a part of his favorite TKE memory, which didn’t happen until after college and halfway around the world. “I was here in Afghanistan on my second deployment and I had the opportunity to provide armed escort and reconnaissance for one of my brothers who was leading a small tactical unit on the ground. That was when the bond came full circle.”

Today, Frater Brian McGraw is stationed at Fort Bragg and is married to his wife, Ashley, whom he met at the Fraternity’s poker night as an undergraduate. They will celebrate their 10-year anniversary this September with their four children. His plan for current and future Tekes: “Set a goal and never give up.”

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