TKE Releases Official Recruitment Guide

TKE Releases Official Recruitment Guide

There's no question: membership recruitment is the single most important aspect of any chapter or colony. Without continuous recruitment, the Fraternity would cease to exist. That is why every member--both alumni and collegiates--are responsible for sustaining the lifeblood of the Fraternity.

To enhance the recruitment efforts of chapters and colonies, the Offices of the Grand Chapter has designed "The Official TKE Recruitment Guide." This packet is a comprehensive model to help you navigate the various aspects of recruitment, regardless of your group's size or region. 

In this guide, you will find the basic elements of a great recruitment program.

  1. Theory of Membership Recruitment
  2. Designing a Winning Program
  3. Planning & Perfecting Events
  4. Closing the Deal

To further your knowledge on recruitment, it is recommended you attend a Province Forum and Triangle Summit hosted by Tau Kappa Epsilon's Professional Staff and volunteers. 

Click the image below to download "The Official TKE Recruitment Guide"

For more information, please contact:

Gabe Espinosa
Senior Operations Specialist

For more information, please contact:

Gabe Espinosa
Province Advisor
317-872-6533 ext. 239


The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon has released our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Looking for a way to contribute to the future of TKE? Make a gift to Life Loyal Teke today.