2016-17 Risk Management Guidelines Update

2016-17 Risk Management Guidelines Update

INDIANAPOLIS – Tau Kappa Epsilon announces updated Risk Management Guidelines, effective immediately.

The three areas of change include the way in which TKE’s guidelines coordinate with local, state, or federal laws. These updates address sexual misconduct and firearms, explosives, and incendiary devices. The changes are as follows:

These guidelines were developed as a baseline for the Risk Management decision-making process. In the event that any local, state, or federal law or student code of conduct prescribe more stringent requirements or guidelines, it is the member’s responsibility to know those requirements and to follow them.


Tau Kappa Epsilon does not tolerate or condone any form of sexual misconduct on the part of its members, whether physical, mental or emotional.


  1. Sexual Harassment
  2. The possession, or use, of any “rape drug” with the intent to participate in non-consensual sexual activity.
  3. The use or distribution of alcohol with the intent to participate in non-consensual sexual activity.
  4. Non-Consensual Sexual Contact (or attempts to commit same)
  5. Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse (or attempts to commit same)
  6. Sexual Exploitation

Tau Kappa Epsilon defines consent in the following way:

Consent is clear, knowing and voluntary. Consent is active, not passive. Silence, in and of itself, cannot be interpreted as consent. Consent can be given by words or actions, as long as those words or actions create mutually understandable clear permission regarding willingness to engage in (and the conditions of) sexual activity.

In addition, Tau Kappa Epsilon recognizes that:

  1. Consent to any one form of sexual activity cannot automatically imply consent to any other forms of sexual activity.
  2. Previous relationships or prior consent cannot imply consent to future sexual acts.
  3. The use of, or threat of, force cannot be used to gain consent.
  4. In order to give or receive consent, an individual must be of the age of consent as defined by law.
  5. In order to give or receive consent, an individual must not be either mentally or physical incapacitated.
  6. Consent can be withdrawn at any time during the course of sexual activity.

While Tau Kappa Epsilon takes all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously and works to investigate and remedy any such conduct, the fraternity encourages all reporting parties to contact their local public safety office.


The possession and/or use of firearms, explosives, and/or incendiary devices at the Chapter house, on any Chapter or General Fraternity property (or property that could reasonably be considered a “Chapter house” or “Chapter facility”) or at any Chapter or General Fraternity function is strictly prohibited. In addition, if any individual Member or Members should possess and/or use firearms, explosives, or incendiary devices at any individually-initiated activity that is not on Chapter or General Fraternity property and could in no way be considered a Chapter or General Fraternity-sponsored event or function, possession or use of these devices by the Members involved is not dis-allowed under our Laws but must be in accordance with state, local, and federal laws.

Chief Executive Officer, Donald E. Aldrich, explained the changes, “Our Risk Management Guidelines have been enhanced to better align with our values as an organization. With reporting of sexual assault and sexual misconduct on the rise in the United States, it was only appropriate for TKE to further outline our policies regarding sexual misconduct. For the protection of our members and guests, we needed to be clear that firearms are not allowed at any chapter house or other Fraternity property. The Grand Council unanimously approved these guidelines earlier this year.”

Each new member receives a copy of TKE’s Risk Management Guidelines in their candidate kit from the Offices of the Grand Chapter. Available in late August, all candidates and collegiate members will again be required to complete eCompliance, a mandatory training on our Risk Management Guidelines, which will include a new video on these guideline enhancements.

For more information, please contact:

Gregory A. Roskopf
Chief Risk Officer
317-872-6533 ext. 247

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