The Rush Legend, Buckwheat Perry, Retires

The Rush Legend, Buckwheat Perry, Retires

It is with a deep appreciation for dedication and a job well done that the Offices of the Grand Chapter announces the retirement of Buckwheat Perry (Alpha-Nu, New Hampshire).

On January 1, 1972, Uncle Buck, as he's affectionately known by many Tekes, joined the TKE Professional Staff. As the cover story of THE TEKE magazine in Spring 2014, Buckwheat described why he has been so passionate about the Fraternity for his lifetime, The Fraternity offers an opportunity to find the good in each of us. In my many years, I have seen that. I have seen Fraters who are complete strangers do random acts of kindness to one another because they are Tekes. Young people need to know that it is all right to care. As a fraternity, we cannot cure diseases or find world peace, but we can change a person's life and for that reason, we have a purpose.

During Buckwheat's nearly 45 years on staff, Tau Kappa Epsilon has opened 159 chapters and re-chartered countless others, many of which were started or restarted by Buckwheat himself. Since he joined staff in 1972, over 184,229 men have joined our magnificent obsession - more than 2/3 of all men ever initiated.


Last week, after a thirty-seven-day road trip, Buckwheat shared with the Fraternity's Chief Executive Officer, Donald E. Aldrich, that the strain of traveling over 40,000 miles per year was getting to be too much for his stamina.

When discussing his decision to retire, Buckwheat shared, "After 45 years dedicated to the growth of the greatest Fraternity in the world, now is the right time. Recruitment is up, expansions are going well, and the Fraternity is in good hands. I can't wait to come to Conclave 2017 in my favorite city, New Orleans, to celebrate and thank each of you in person for the journey of a lifetime. This is not a goodbye, it's a 'be good kid.'"

Donald E. Aldrich, Chief Executive Officer of Tau Kappa Epsilon, shared about his long-time friend, "On behalf of TKE Nation, I want to thank Buckwheat Perry for his nearly 45 years of service to Tau Kappa Epsilon. It has been an amazing honor to know him as a Frater and a friend. I have seen him interact with our chapters, colonies, and my own children. He has done all of these with compassion to bring a smile to others and to make everything he touches better. His impact to our organization will be felt long into the future of our Fraternity. As he transitions into a volunteer, we salute him for a job well done and celebrate his commitment nearly 45 years to the Fraternity for Life."

Thank you Buckwheat for sharing your love, charity, and esteem and embodying the Fraternity for Life.

The Spring 2014 cover story of THE TEKE magazine has been re-published as a Featured Story on or you can view the full Spring 2014 magazine here.

If you'd like to send Buckwheat a congratulations message, please email him at

For more information, please contact:

Alex D. Baker
Chief Information Officer
317-872-6533 ext. 228

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