Rho-Eta's "TKE Bowl" Raises $900 For St. Jude

In the spirit of the Holiday season, the Rho-Eta chapter at SUNY-Stony Brook held their annual "TKE Bowl," a flag football tournament that raises money for St. Jude. With support from their fellow Tekes from the Upsilon-Upsilon chapter, $900 was raised for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

"St. Jude means so much to us. As Fraters in the Bond we have learned to help those in need, to be gentlemen, kindly and considerate of others, and to always help support fellow TKE activities. Raising money for St. Jude is not a chore for us, but it is both an honor and a privilege," Jonathan Arslanian, Prytanis of the Rho-Eta chapter said. 

The "TKE Bowl" at SUNY-Stony Brook was created only a few years ago in 2013, but it continues to raise more money for St. Jude every year. 

"Each year we raise more and more money, and next year I have no doubt that we will raise over $1,200. Although $900 is not an insane amount to donate, we hope that it will bring St. Jude at least a step closer to helping those who are less fortunate," Arslanian said. 

The event is held every year at the recreational fields on SUNY-Stony Brook's campus. Other chapters across TKE Nation host similar philanthropic events which is where their chapter possibly drew their original inspiration from, according to Frater Jonathan. 

Although the flag football team from the Upsilon-Upsilon chapter won this year's "TKE Bowl," the real winners are the children at St. Jude that will benefit from this generous donation. 

"St. Jude is a wonderful organization that tries its hardest to save the lives of children that are diagnosed with cancer and their strength gives us strength to keep on raising money for them. These kids have hearts larger than this world and fight until the very end. To be able to give back and support this ongoing search for a cure to make sure that no child ever dies from cancer again is such a worthy cause and I just know that as long as TKE exists, we will never stop giving back," Arslanian said.

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