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Beta-Sigma Chapter Has A Unique Way To Raise Funds For St. Jude

Beta-Sigma Chapter Has A Unique Way To Raise Funds For St. Jude
Members of the Beta-Sigma chapter at the University of Southern California have a creative way of raising funds for St. Jude. They've created an investment group called Beta Sigma Capital Holdings (BSCH) with the purpose of earning profits that go directly to St. Jude. 

Through their annual donation, the investment group recently presented St. Jude with a check for more than $1,200. Epiprytanis Arjun Dundoo, who helps lead the investment group, gained this idea through a similar project that he worked on in high school.

Before investing, the group discusses their options with their Board of Advisors and other key alumni with more expertise.  

"We break it down by region and industry. Our investment group works in teams of two, we research a company and then do a presentation about them. We go over the pros and cons and vote as a team if we should invest in them," Dundoo said.

Currently, they have an account value of $35,000 with more than $16,000 invested and more than $18,500 in cash. They've already experienced a considerable increase after initially starting with $33,000. 

The funds that the group started with came from money saved over the years, and their control board also helped with their cause by matching some of their funds. With a substantial amount of funds available, they're actively seeking ways to make short-term investments.  

"We'd like to invest it in a safe way, whether that's investing in the actual market like S&P or putting it into bond funds," Dundoo said. 

The investment group meets every Sunday, with their main agenda focusing on stock proposals. 

"You don't have to be an expert on the stock market. A lot of it is question based. If you ask questions then someone with experience in our group will tell you the answers," Dundoo said. 

Because they're handling complex financial information, members in their chapter have to apply to be a part of the investment group. They received around 60 applicants and could only accept 12 to 14 of them.

The chapter does not profit from any of the gains; they either reinvest or donate them directly to St. Jude. Arjun is a business administration major, and this investment group gives him real world experience while the profits go to help support the children of St. Jude.  

"St. Jude gives us a sense of purpose. It gives us a common goal where we strive to help other people that need our help. In addition to learning about finance, we're also doing it for a great cause," Dundoo said. 

Beta Sigma Capital Holdings is also willing to help other chapters across TKE Nation that want to raise funds for St. Jude through similar strategies.

"It's a great way to keep the Fraternity well balanced and earn professional experience along the way," Dundoo said.

For more information, please contact:

Corey Krupa

317-872-6533 ext. 252


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