Delta-Psi's Swingathon Raises More Than $14,000 For St. Jude

Delta-Psi's Swingathon Raises More Than $14,000 For St. Jude
The Delta-Psi chapter at North Dakota State University recently raised $14,029 for St. Jude through their "Swingathon" philanthropy event. "Swingathon" is their annual philanthropy event with Kappa Delta, where members take turns swinging on a swing set for 72 consecutive hours.

The chapter originally came up with the idea back in the '70s and has been a successful annual fundraiser ever since. This year's event raised significantly more money than in previous years. 

"This year, we decided to use our online donation pages from St. Jude. Doing that and having everyone share their pages on Facebook, Twitter, and sharing it with their family allowed us to raise a lot of money in the beginning. I believe we had over 6,000 dollars before our event started," Frater Kevin Warnke, Epiprytanis at Delta-Psi said. 

Online donations is something that the chapter will keep utilizing every year. The other thousands of dollars that the chapter raised came from personal donations that the group collected near campus at "Swingathon." 

"People just gave us their spare change, dollar bills and people even came back at the end of the week to donate hundreds. It was crazy how many donated this year," Warnke said. 

He also credits the warmer weather this year with a higher turnout as a factor in raising more money. Also, the chapter offered a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings to the Teke who raised the most money for St. Jude. 

The Delta-Psi chapter is currently ranked sixth among TKE chapters in St. Jude dollars raised with $14,858.02 since last August. For Frater Warnke and the rest of the men at Delta-Psi, finding motivation to raise money for St. Jude is easy. 

"It's helping children and it's helping them with no bills to worry about. Helping the kids out now and finding cures for all of these life threatening diseases is a fantastic cause to support," Warkne said.

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Corey Krupa

317-872-6533 ext. 252


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