2017-2019 Alumni Advisory Committee Announced

2017-2019 Alumni Advisory Committee Announced

INDIANAPOLIS - The Venerable Grand Prytanis Christopher T. Hanson (Alpha-Pi, George Washington) is proud to announce the selection of the members of the Alumni Advisory Committee.

Frater Hanson shared, "Tau Kappa Epsilon is the Fraternity for Life. We have great volunteers and key leaders that assist our undergraduate chapters on a daily basis. However, much more is possible and attainable with alumni engagement and programming on a larger level. I’m excited to have this team of alumni fraters in place to help us identify and address what we can do to improve and deliver for our fellow 225,000 plus living alumni. Reconnecting with our vast resource of alumni fraters will be vital to our continued success in building Better Men for a Better World."

  • Jason Galea, Chairman, Upsilon-Delta (Saginaw Valley)
  • Dr. Reginald Rogers, Xi-Upsilon (Rochester Institute)
  • Thomas Geary, Omicron-Sigma (Indiana Southeast)
  • Richard Pisano, Beta-Mu (Bucknell)
  • Jim Johnston, Epsilon-Eta (Southwestern Oklahoma State)
  • Shaun Taylor, Xi-Omega (Virginia Tech)
  • Kyle Erdman, Alpha-Gamma (Washington State)

Alumni Advisory Committee Chairman Jason Galea said, "The newly appointed members of the AAC and I are truly honored to serve our Fraternity! Our Grand Prytanis, the members of the Grand Council, TKE Professional Staff, and all the members of our Fraternity have very high expectations for this committee. We have at our hands the opportunity to drive our Fraternity forward with taking on the initiative of advancing our alumni engagement! The AAC does not plan to disappoint our fellow Fraters, as we are committed to the purpose of 'Fraternity for Life'."

At Conclave 2017, The Black Book was amended to rename the Alumni Involvement Committee to the Alumni Advisory Committee and update its purpose. The Alumni Advisory Committee “shall be appointed by the Grand Prytanis to advise the Grand Council on planning, outreach and programming efforts that support the Fraternity. This committee shall update the Grand Council on pertinent matters.”

TKE prides itself as the Fraternity for Life. The Alumni Advisory Committee will work with the Grand Council during this biennium and beyond to strengthen the connection of alumni to Tau Kappa Epsilon, which is viewed as vital to the success of our beloved Fraternity.

"We encourage all Alumni Fraters to help grow and develop our collegiate members, chapters, and fellow Alumni by living our values and holding true to their commitments in our bond. Any Alumnus that desires to serve our Fraternity as an advisor, volunteer, mentor, or donor, we would love to connect with you to better understand what the AAC can do to take that experience to the next level. To develop a true championship culture, we must do our part," said Galea.

For more information, please contact:

Alex D. Baker
Chief Information Officer
317-872-6533 ext. 228

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