Tau Kappa Epsilon Announces Jill Konija's Retirement

Tau Kappa Epsilon Announces Jill Konija's Retirement

INDIANAPOLIS - After 32 years, it is with a debt of gratitude that Tau Kappa Epsilon announces the retirement of one of our most well-known employees, Jill Konija.

Jill started at TKE in January of 1986. During her tenure on the TKE Professional Staff, Jill balanced change. She has been critical in at least three database upgrades. She worked for seven Chief Executive Officers and in both the headquarters at Founders Road as well as Woodland Drive in Indianapolis.

As the primary membership database administrator, thousands of Tekes have communicated with Jill over the years. Whether pulling lists of members in a local area, updating scroll numbers and contact information or helping with a member’s donation to the TKE Educational Foundation, many members have become lifelong friends with Jill.

“Tau Kappa Epsilon is thankful for Jill’s dedicated service to our beloved organization. Though the family at TKE HQ will miss her smiling face in the lobby, she has more than earned the opportunity to celebrate an outstanding career with her husband, children and grandchildren. We are truly grateful for Jill’s tremendous service to Tau Kappa Epsilon,” said Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Aldrich.

Since Jill’s decision to retire was shared with Frater Aldrich last week, Tau Kappa Epsilon has offered Karen Coleman a full time position as our Database Specialist, accepting Jill’s primary responsibilities. Karen had served TKE as a temporary employee in the role for more than six months and will continue her service in the same capacity. Karen will be a shared employee between both Tau Kappa Epsilon and the TKE Educational Foundation.

For more information, please contact:

Alex D. Baker
Chief Information Officer
317-872-6533 ext. 228


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