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National Day of Mourning: Former President George H. W. Bush

National Day of Mourning: Former President George H. W. Bush

The United States of America has a long-standing tradition of honoring our former leaders, one that transcends the differences that may be present in a nation.

As Tekes, we understand how interconnected the human race is. Over the 119 years that TKE has been in existence, we have had hundreds of Fraters help to govern, lead, or support the United States in some way or another. Two of our members, Past Grand Council Officer Brian Montgomery (Gamma-Upsilon, Texas-Austin) and Current Grand Grammateus Ted Bereswill (Gamma-Upsilon, Texas-Austin), worked with former President George H.W. Bush and shared their thoughts on the character of our 41st President.

Frater Bereswill (center), pictured here with President Bush, Frater Montgomery (far right) and Frater Jack Bobbitt (far left) shared, "it was a great honor to serve this remarkable man. He set an example for all of us to follow." Bereswill and Bobbitt served as volunteers for the Presidential Advance.

Frater Montgomery, who served under both Bush administrations remembers the former President fondly, “He lived a life that personified grace and goodness, love of God and country, treating all he met with proper respect, and inspiring generations of Americans in countless ways. This will be his enduring mission that will live for the ages. I was honored to serve him. God Bless President George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President of the United States of America.”

Today, the United States honors our former leader by observing a national day of mourning. Thank you for your service.



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