CEO Provides Direction Regarding NIC/IFC Fees

CEO Provides Direction Regarding NIC/IFC Fees


On January 14, 2016, Tau Kappa Epsilon announced our resignation of membership in the NIC. This decision was made due to the quadrupling cost of membership, and value that did not align with this investment of member dollars. The NIC accepted this resignation, but partnered over the past three years to engage TKE and our leadership in conversations about their future direction and projects as they seek to enrich the fraternal movement. On the NIC website at the time of our departure, the conference stated that Non-NIC groups would be granted full participation in IFC’s on local campuses as long as they "agreed to meet IFC standards of membership that are rooted in NIC standards." Recently, it appears the NIC has shifted their stance.

As many of you know, the NIC has instructed local IFC’s and campuses to levy up to an additional $300 fee to Non-NIC chapters, as well as considering charging larger annual dues to Non-NIC groups vs. NIC groups. This action will not be accepted by Tau Kappa Epsilon. TKE instructs all chapters/colonies to pay the exact same fees as our NIC partner groups to their local IFC.

The leadership of Non-NIC groups Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Theta, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Tau Kappa Epsilon are united in this stance and have begun conversations to make our position known to the NIC, resulting in the removal of this fee to our members. If the NIC does not, we reserve the right to defend the rights and resources of our membership.

It is our hope that the NIC strives to become strong partners to fraternities both within and outside their trade association, with a focus on driving value and championing the phenomenal aspects of the Greek experience. I will provide further updates as they become available.

Thank you for being a member of TKE, driving the Expectation of Excellence in your local group and living the mission of Tau Kappa Epsilon daily.

Yours in the Bond,

Donald E. Aldrich
Chief Executive Officer
Tau Kappa Epsilon

For more information, please contact:

Alex D. Baker
Technology & Communications Consultant
317-872-6533 ext.

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