Financial Wellness Day

Financial Wellness Day

INDIANAPOLIS - Tau Kappa Epsilon is proud to announce the release of two new programs to help aid our collegiate members and develop all members of Tau Kappa Epsilon - the Chapter Assistance Program and Your Money Vehicle online certification.

The challenges of the last year have accentuated a need for us to provide additional tools from the Professional Staff and the importance of evolving our fiscal culture.

Chapter Assistance Program

We must now begin the historic and vital process of recalibrating the financial responsibility from our collegiate members to our alumni Fraters in order to create a more sustainable and competitive business model – elevating TKE to its potential.

In this spirit, and with the blessing of the leadership of the TKE Foundation, we are announcing the creation of the Chapter Assistance Program. This program allows for non-tax deductible contributions to be applied directly to the chapter statement of any group. It permits alumni to make contributions to Candidate/Initiate Fees, Annual Membership Fees, Risk Fees, Chapter Assessment Fees and Conclave Savings Plans. All of us have an additional tool in painting a vibrant financial picture for the chapters we serve in TKE Nation. We can relieve pressure in groups who have been buried under a mountain of debt and build credits for groups to begin and end each year. Imagine if a group had $2,000 or $5,000 in credits acquired to use in recruitment. What could they accomplish with this competitive advantage in what they charge to new members? How many groups would be inspired to reach unprecedented levels with the wind at their back from the contributions of generous Tekes? The possibilities and potential of our success are endless.

As these dollars are to be utilized for non-educational purposes, it is important to clarify that contributions to the Chapter Assistance Program are non-tax deductible and 100% of contributions are directly applied to the designated chapter. These contributions will not appear in the Fraters’ donor record with the TKE Foundation.

You might be curious what the difference is between the Life Loyal Teke and Chapter Assistance Program.

Life Loyal Teke

Dollars Granted to TKE for Educational Initiatives
100% of Gift Contributed to TKE
Re-invested into Educational Initiatives for Collegiates and Volunteers
Tax-Deductible Gift
Recorded in TKE Foundation Giving Record
Support Life Loyal Teke

Chapter Assistance Program

Dollars posted to chapter statement can be utilized for Annual Membership Fees, Candidate/Initiate Fees, Chapter Assessment Fees and Conclave Savings Plan
100% of Contribution Provided to TKE Chapter
Non-Tax Deductible Contribution
Not Part of TKE Foundation Giving Record
Support Chapter Assistance Program

If you are looking for additional tax deductible ways to give to Tau Kappa Epsilon, the TKE Foundation offers additional options through Special Projects Funds, Scholarships or the Opportunity Fund.

A New Tool to Understanding Money - Your Money Vehicle

Tau Kappa Epsilon has been exploring ways we can provide more value you to as a member of TKE. We know there are massive financial challenges facing many Fraters like you-COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment, the rising cost of college and many others.

TKE has partnered with former professional football player and Certified Financial Planner Jedidiah Collins to bring his Your Money Vehicle online certification program to every member of our Fraternity. This 10-part virtual learning program covers a wide variety of money-related topics and questions, including banking, saving, spending, investing, and understanding how your money can work for you. It concludes with a certification in financial literacy, something you can include on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other professional materials.

The cost of the certification, on its own, is $99 per person. Through our partnership with Jedidiah, it is available at no cost to every living member of the Fraternity.

We believe these financial management tips are vital in the development of our members as they transition from college to the professional world.

Click the button below and use coupon code BETTERMEN to receive access to Your Money Vehicle.

Complete the Your Money Vehicle online certification today

For more information, please contact:

Alex D. Baker
Chief Information Officer
317-872-6533 ext. 228

The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon has released our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Looking for a way to contribute to the future of TKE? Make a gift to Life Loyal Teke today.

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