TKE HQ Staircase and CEO Office Named After Beta-Sigma Tekes

TKE HQ Staircase and CEO Office Named After Beta-Sigma Tekes

The TKE HQ staircase and TKE CEO office were recently named in recognition of Fraters David Bohline, Justin Woo and Richard Balue of the Beta-Sigma chapter at the University of Southern California.

To recognize the legacy, commitment and accomplishments of some of our most notable Tekes, the Foundation provides naming opportunities within the Offices of the Grand Chapter. Gifts for naming opportunities are allocated toward the Opportunity Fund, which provides annual support to TKE and its members.

Fraters Bohline, Woo and Balue are co-owners and founders of Apollo Interactive, a performance marketing agency based in California. Initiating into TKE in 1985, 1991 and 1993, they have maintained their commitment to the Fraternity as generous donors and volunteers.

"Our company was founded by three Tekes. We got our first big client through a Teke, and our senior management team is mostly made of Tekes we have hired. The truth is we owe a lot to TKE for our professional success," TKE Foundation Vice Chairman of External Affairs David Bohline shared regarding the naming opportunity. "It's an honor to support the undergraduate members of our Fraternity when it is needed most."

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