Frater Jeremy Gordet Elected National Vice President of the U.S. Junior Chamber.

Frater Jeremy Gordet Elected National Vice President of the U.S. Junior Chamber.

Tau Kappa Epsilon would like to congratulate Frater Jeremy Gordet on being elected as National Vice President of the JCI USA (U.S. Junior Chamber). Thank you for your continued contributions to your community and fraternity. Find out more about Frater Jeremy’s accomplishments in the press release below:

South Carolina Local Empowers Young Leaders Across Country

September 20, 2022

St. Louis, MO – Jeremy Gordet was elected to the office of National Vice President of Junior Chamber International (JCI) USA on September 17 at the Annual Meeting. JCI USA is a membership organization of 18- to 40-year-olds dedicated to leadership development that creates positive impact in their local, national, and international communities. As a National Vice President, Gordet holds a position of critical leadership in an organization of approximately 8,000 young active citizens in over 300 chapters nationwide and almost 120 countries worldwide. Gordet will be traveling throughout the nation to assist local chapters in their work for positive change. 

“I joined the Jaycees looking to make some friends and help my community, I never thought it would change my life the way it has and give me so many amazing experiences, opportunities, and connections,” Gordet commented. “I’m excited for the chance to effect national change as NVP and see how we can make a difference in communities everywhere while also changing the lives of our members for the better.”


Jeremy was born and raised in Brick, New Jersey where he attended school, played football, was a track team member and worked on the boardwalk during the summer. In 2007 Jeremy started his college career at Monmouth University where he was a track team member and joined Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (TKE). As a Member of TKE Jeremy learned the importance of leadership and how a good leader can reshape an organization in very little time. During his time at Monmouth Jeremy served as the Community Service Chair and the fraternity educator for the TKE chapter. In 2009 He transferred to East Carolina University where he graduated four years later with an associate's in Physics and a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a concentration in Science. While at ECU Jeremy remainder a brother of TKE and served as the Historian, the Rituals and Parliamentarian Chair, the Fraternity Educator, and the Internal Vice President. His time in the fraternity showed taught him two things about himself. Jeremy learned that he wanted to live a life that allowed him to give back to others and make service a crucial part of his life. He also learned that as a leader you need to have a plan. His experiences in TKE taught him the importance of being ready for the year ahead and having goals laid out and steps in order to make those goals a reality. After teaching in NC for two years Jeremy moved to Latta, South Carolina where he met his wife Pam. He and Pam moved to Spartanburg to be closer to her family and so Jeremy could teach at Spartanburg High School. This is where Jeremy found the Jaycees.

Jeremy joined the Spartanburg Chapter in the spring of 2017 and immediately began serving as the state liaison and the Management Vice President. While serving as the Management Vice President in 2018 the Chapter President announced he would be relocating to Chicago. The chapter immediately looked to Jeremy to lead them. Jeremy accepted the challenge knowing that he would have a limited year and it could be a great chance to learn before his full year as Chapter President in 2019. During 2018 Jeremy worked with the chapter to learn what the members enjoyed, and what role the Jaycees could fill in the city. His work as interim chapter president got him noticed by the state team and he was asked to serve as the State Administrative Vice President in 2019 while also serving as Chapter President. Jeremy worked hard to make sure neither position would be put behind the other and strived to be successful. That year he was recognized as a Top Chapter President on the state and national level and was awarded the Most Outstanding State Vice President in South Carolina. During the year Jeremy had lost the election for 2020 State President. He took this as a challenge to work harder and make sure he was ready for the role in 2021. During the Pandemic, Jeremy worked to make sure the Jaycees could still provide leadership opportunities and make a positive impact. He served on the elections committee for JCI USA, He was selected and worked as a Leadership Fellow, and he Helped to form and served on the Mental Health Committee, all while serving the state as the Programming Vice President and finding ways to incorporate virtual events into the South Carolina Jaycees.

In 2021 Jeremy served as the 85th State President for the South Carolina Jaycees while finishing his second year as a Leadership Fellow. During that year Jeremy pushed his members to get back on track and get their ducks in a row. His state was one of the top three growth states in the nation and Jeremy was recognized as the Most Outstanding State President of 2021. This year Jeremy is serving as the South Carolina Chairman of the Board and as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans Program Managers.


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