Three Members Appointed to the Collegiate Advisory Committee

Three Members Appointed to the Collegiate Advisory Committee

INDIANAPOLIS - Tau Kappa Epsilon announced today that Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Aldrich has appointed three new members to the Collegiate Advisory Committee following the graduation of Fraters Matthew Davis (Rho-Chi, Lebanon Valley), Jared Jimenez (Iota-Kappa, Clarkson), and Evan Turriff (Pi-Epsilon, Christian Brothers).

The newest members of the Collegiate Advisory Committee are Fraters Ben Rogoff (Phi-Beta, College of New Jersey), George Kearns (Beta-Beta, North Carolina State), and David Jones (Beta-Chi, Southern Illinois-Carbondale). This slate of candidates was unanimously approved by the Past Grand Prytani of TKE last week.

The Collegiate Advisory Committee (CAC) consists of nine collegiate members, geographically representative of the Fraternity, appointed by the CEO and approved by the Past Grand Prytani, to act as advisors to the Grand Council. The committee selects its own Chairman, who acts as a liaison with the Grand Council and represents the committee at each Grand Council meeting.

TKE CEO Frater Donald E. Aldrich shared, "On behalf of the entire Fraternity, we thank Fraters Matthew Davis, Jared Jimenez, and Evan Turriff for their dedicated service to TKE. The three men selected to replace them are dynamic and passionate leaders who are enthusiastic to make a bigger mark on our organization. Every appointee brings not only unique insight from each of their respective home chapters, but diversity of opinions that will bolster the Fraternity it advancing its mission."

CAC Chairman Frater Drew Solt (Rho, West Virginia) said, "This is an excellent group of dynamic young men from across the TKE Nation. I am looking forward to working with each of them to help continue pushing our great Fraternity forward over the course of the next year."

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Here are the newest members of the CAC:


Frater Ben Rogoff

Phi-Beta (The The College of New Jersey)

Region 1 | 1 Year Term

In his own words: "The CACs purpose of being the spokesperson for the undergraduate Tekes across the globe is something I hold near and dear to my heart. As a founder of my chapter and our original recruitment chair for our emerging chapter, I based my strategy of recruitment almost entirely upon our values. I looked specifically for men on my campus who would live the cardinal values of charity, love and esteem before, during and after their initiation into the bond. Since my own initiation I have taken every opportunity to grow my TKE experience and I believe the CAC is a perfect step in my journey."


Frater George Kearns

Beta-Beta (North Carolina State)

Region 2 | 1 Year Term

In his own words: "As men, we strive to find true purpose in our lives. Many of us find it with our careers, families, and other areas we significantly impact. However, purpose can only withstand the trial of time with the support of others also seeking true purpose. We often become led astray from our values, falling into the trap of dividing ourselves based on groups such as Headquarters, Grand Council, BOA, Officers Corps, and undergraduate chapters and members. It becomes much more difficult to understand that we share a common goal and purpose when we begin to separate and divide ourselves. My purpose is to help forward the mission and purpose of Tau Kappa Epsilon by breaking the barrier between undergraduate chapters, the Grand Council, and Headquarters. I hope to better myself and others within this mission on the Collegiate Advisory Committee."



Frater David Jones

Beta-Chi (Southern Illinois-Carbondale)

Region 3 | 1 Year Term

In his own words: "Before I knew the principles were the driving force of our Fraternity, the aim of propelling the mental and moral development of men through the dedicated practice of social interaction was exactly the reason I hoped to start a student organization on my own campus. This hope eventually led me to a group of like-minded men wanting to re-found the Beta-Chi chapter. Each step of my experience in TKE demonstrated a bit more of the organization’s overarching possibility to me. My attendance at TKE Leadership Academy XXXVI opened my eyes to the breadth of collegiate and professional dedication to our principles and the drive for success. Our immediate aim must be to devise ways in which this potential can be communicated literally and experientially to our membership. This is my hopeful purpose in sitting on the Collegiate Advisory Committee: to advise the Council and staff on the ways in which I have seen this vision communicated to the membership, advocate for the dissemination of this vision to our chapters more broadly, and to express the desires of those Fraters who have seen the goal and aspire to pursue it."

For more information, please contact:

Tom M. McAninch
Chief Communications Officer
317-872-6533 ext. 228

The Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon has released our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Looking for a way to contribute to the future of TKE? Make a gift to Life Loyal Teke today.

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