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The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E6 | Ft. Jed Collins; Your Money Vehicle

By Garrett T. / February 24, 2021
We talked to former NFL fullback Jed Collins about everything from finances to NFL Insider Stories and leadership, Don't miss this episode!

Conclave 2021 Postponed Until 2022

By Alexander B. / February 22, 2021
The Grand Council announced today Conclave 2021 will be postponed until 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E5 | Ft. Tyler M. Salley; Black History Month

By Garrett T. / February 17, 2021
Frater Tyler M. Salley (Mu-Upsilon, Illinois State) is a member of the DEI Committee and joins us this episode as we discuss Black History Month.

Frater Chris Silge Joins the TKE Foundation Board of Directors

By Rachel S. / February 15, 2021
The TKE Foundation is pleased to welcome Frater Christian (“Chris”) B. Silge to its Board of Directors.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E4 | Super Bowl

By Garrett T. / February 10, 2021
This week, we talk Super Bowl. Don't act surprised; You knew it was coming. Subscribe & join us next week as we talk to a member of the DEI Committee.

TKE Foundation Offers Over $100,000 in Scholarships

By Rachel S. / February 4, 2021
Applications for 2020-2021 TKE Foundation Grand Chapter scholarships are due March 15. Apply at

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E3 | Ft. Bryan Keller; GameStop; Jason Galea; Pizza

By Garrett T. / February 3, 2021
Wealth management professional Bryan Keller talks about the Stock Market and GameStop, Jason Galea shares business advice from a hard-hit industry.

TKE Pride Scholarship Established

By Rachel S. / January 28, 2021
The TKE Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a new scholarship supporting the experiences of gay, bisexual and transgender TKE members.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E2 | Ft. Phired Up Vice President Woody Woodcock

By Garrett T. / January 27, 2021
Where Zach is still in Florida, Swenson's Tag skills are unassailable and Donnie waxes philosophical on golf. Subscribe, like, share, comment.

TKE HQ Staircase and CEO Office Named After Beta-Sigma Tekes

By Rachel S. / January 25, 2021
Frater Bohline shared regarding the naming opportunity, "It's an honor to support the undergraduate members of our Fraternity when it is needed most."

TKE Foundation Scholarship Recognizes Frater Tommy Miles

By Rachel S. / January 22, 2021
"His love of TKE and what it stood for never wavered, I think he would be very proud to know that his scholarship will help fellow Tekes with school."

Financial Wellness Day

By Alexander B. / January 21, 2021
Tau Kappa Epsilon is proud to announce the release of two new programs to help aid our collegiate members and develop all members of TKE.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E1 | Season Two: New Format, Two Hosts and Special Guest Chef Brian Duffy

By Garrett T. / January 20, 2021
Season Two of the TKE Nation Podcast kicks off with a new format, two full-time hosts, and we are excited to be joined by Celebrity Chef Brian Duffy!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2021

By / January 18, 2021
As we reflect on the progress made and an even brighter future, consider... How can you impact the world positively? How will you leave your mark?

The Official TKE Communication, Brand and Style Guide 2021 Update

By Garrett T. / January 13, 2021
Our brand is built on a rich visual history and protecting our brand is a crucial part of protecting our history and forging our future.

Frater JD Friedland Joins the TKE Foundation Board of Directors

By Rachel S. / January 12, 2021
The TKE Foundation is pleased to welcome Frater Jon David "JD" Friedland (Beta-Sigma, Southern California) to its Board of Directors.
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