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2021-2022 Top Scholarships & Named Scholarships Recipients

By Alexander B. / June 1, 2022
The TKE Foundation is proud to announce the 2021-2022 Top Scholarship Recipients & Named Scholarship Recipients.

Tau Kappa Epsilon Announces New Hires

By Alexander B. / May 21, 2022
Tau Kappa Epsilon announces the hiring of Fraters Drew Frizzell as the Region 3 Regional Director and Chris McGeoghegan as an Expansion Coordinator.

Richard Shadyac, ALSAC President and CEO, Set to Join Tau Kappa Epsilon

By Alexander B. / May 20, 2022
ALSAC President and CEO, Richard Shadyac, Jr., will join Tau Kappa Epsilon as an honorary initiate at Conclave 2022.

Conclave 2022 - Legislative Packet & Nominations Committee Announced

By Alexander B. / May 17, 2022
Tau Kappa Epsilon announces the proposed legislation for Conclave 2022 as well as the officers of the nominations committee.

Donald R. Tapia Rejoins TKE Foundation Board of Directors

By Alexander B. / April 14, 2022
The TKE Foundation announces Ambassador Frater Donald R. Tapia has been re-elected to join the TKE Foundation Board of Directors.

Recommend a Teke for Conclave 2022 Awards

By Alexander B. / April 8, 2022
Tau Kappa Epsilon has opened nominations for members of Tau Kappa Epsilon who should be recognized at Conclave 2022.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E43 - Ft. Brian Montgomery

By Alexander B. / April 6, 2022
Alex and Donnie hear the many stories of Frater Brian Montgomery (Gamma-Upsilon, University of Texas – Austin).

2022-2024 Grand Council Applications Now Available

By Alexander B. / March 24, 2022
Applications to serve on Tau Kappa Epsilon's Grand Council are now being accepted through May 6, 2022.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E42 - Ft. Greg Roskopf

By Alexander B. / March 23, 2022
Alex and Chief Risk Officer Greg Roskopf (Zeta-Zeta, Wisconsin-Milwaukee) overview the changes happening to the Risk Management Fee.

Tau Kappa Epsilon Thanks Alex Baker for More Than Decade of Service

By Donald A. / March 23, 2022
Tau Kappa Epsilon announced with deep gratitude for more than 12 years of service that Alex Baker is departing the TKE Professional Staff.

TKE Foundation Announces Departure of Frater Steve Strathmann

By Alexander B. / March 15, 2022
The TKE Foundation announces the resignation of Frater Steve Strathmann as the Chief Executive Officer of the TKE Foundation.

TKE Announces New Risk Fee Calculation

By Alexander B. / March 9, 2022
After robust conversations with collegiate leaders, the Grand Council and Risk Committee have approved a new model which calculates on three factors.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E41 - Ft. Steven Farag

By Alexander B. / March 9, 2022
Donnie and Alex interview Steven Farag, Co-Founder of Campus Ink, to learn the journey of our TKEStore partner.

Important March Deadlines: AMFs/RMFs Due Plus Leadership Academy & Scholarships Deadlines

By Eric M. / March 1, 2022
March is a crucial time for collegiates and volunteers to be aware of deadlines for fees and scholarship applications.

Tau Kappa Epsilon Thanks Alex Swenson for His Years of Service

By Alexander B. / February 24, 2022
Tau Kappa Epsilon announces with deep gratitude for 8+ years of service, that Alex Swenson is departing the TKE Professional Staff.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E40 - Ft. Quady Adams

By Alexander B. / February 23, 2022
Alex interviews collegiate member Quady Adams (Tau-Theta, Fairleigh Dickinson) on his TKE experience, his life and Black History Month.
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