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Volunteer Appreciation

Use the tips and resources on this page to spark your conversations and make it easier to engage throughout National Volunteer Month.

The Official Officer Transition Guide

Each officer transition process is vital to pass on officer roles and expectations, pertinent information and ensure the future success of the group.

Official Guide to Crisis Communication

While the likelihood of a serious event happening is small, being prepared will help you keep calm in pressure situations.

The Official Guide for Candidate Education

In this Guide, you will find important information about how to conduct an effective Candidate Education Program.

The Official Guide for Chapter Meetings

In this guide you will find information on how to correctly organize and execute your chapter and officer meetings.

Founders' Day Address

A Founders' Day message from your Grand Prytanis.


Curious which chapters fall into which provinces? This page outlines provinces for every active chapter and colony in TKE Nation.

A Chapter & Colony Guide to Social Media

We live in a social world, it's time to embrace it. Learn how you can utilize Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to support your chapter & colony efforts.

Our Partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity is committed to fulfilling Frater Danny Thomas' dream that "No child should die in the dawn of life."

Fraternal Levels of Achievement Certificates


The Official TKE Recruitment Guide

Tau Kappa Epsilon's Official Recruitment Guide will guide your chapter or colony toward a successful recruitment program.

Missing St. Jude Dollars

Chapters and colonies on the list below have reported more dollars on the TKE Module than what St. Jude has received.

Order Recruitment Supplies

Claim your chapter's or colony's free recruitment kit once each semester.

Chapter Websites

TKE provides free websites for every chapter/colony in TKE nation.

Year at a Glance

The Offices of the Grand Chapter is dedicated toward making major dates and deadlines for each academic year as simple and transparent as possible.


TKE Committees - Committees allow for a more efficiently operated chapter and can help officers delegate responsibility.

Branding & Standards

Tau Kappa Epsilon has a set standard for the use of images, logos, taglines and more. Click here to learn more about TKE's branding standards.

Chapter, Top Teke, Top TKE Recruiter Awards

The Offices of the Grand Chapter is now accepting applications for Chapter Annual Awards, Top TEKE Individual and Top TKE Recruiter.

Declaration of Principles

Tau Kappa Epsilon - National Founder William Wilson, during the winter months of 1907-1908, wrote the Declaration of Principles.

Opportunity Out of Defeat

Opportunity Out of Defeat-Wallace McCauley delivers this address on Saturday, October 19, 1907, at the annual initiation banquet of the Fraternity.


Get your official Tau Kappa Epsilon apparel and even take care of your chapter orders at

Fee Structure & Finances

Learn more about Tau Kappa Epsilon's fee structure, ways to save, and frequently asked questions.

Service and Philanthropic Organizations

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, The Alzheimer's Association, just to name a few Tau Kappa Epsilon's Service and Philanthropic Organizations.

Chartering Process

Chartering Process - How to Incorporate: A corporation is a legal entity that can do anything a person can do. Think of it as an artificial person.

How to Become a Colony

The first step in becoming a TKE chapter is to obtain colony status. For this, permission from the Grand Council is required.

The Black Book

The Bylaws and Constitution of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Parliamentary Procedure

Tau Kappa Epsilon-The International Constitution and Bylaws requires that all meetings of the Grand Chapter be governed by parliamentary procedure.

Minimum Standards for Chapters

Minimum Standards for Chapters - Being a Teke stands for being a part of a brotherhood where men of character - regardless of their background

Membership Quality Board

Membership Quality Board-the chapter committee that ensures each Frater continually meets the minimum standards for membership in Tau Kappa Epsilon.

How To Use The TKE Chapter Module

TKE - How To Use The TKE Chapter Module. The information pertained on this webpage will assist and guide you through the Chapter Module.


TKE publishes a quarterly magazine called THE TEKE Magazine, and sends regular electronic newsletters to chapter officers and TKE volunteer.

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Last 12 Months

2022 Regional Leadership Conferences - Registration Open

    By Alexander B. / October 15, 2021

Registration is now open for the 2022 Regional Leadership Conferences. Register before 12/10/21 for the best rates.

Risk Management Fee and IRS 990 Form-Due October 15th

    By Brett W. / October 14, 2021

Tuesday October 15th is the deadline for two important documents and bills. Make sure your group has a plan to complete them.

2021-2022 Excellence Awards Criteria Updated

    By Alexander B. / August 2, 2021

Today, Tau Kappa Epsilon announces updated criteria for Top TKE Chapters and Excellence Awards for 2021-2022.

2021-2022 Year at a Glance Calendar

    By Garrett T. / July 1, 2021

The 2021-2022 Tau Kappa Epsilon Year at a Glance outlines all due dates and necessary information for each chapter and colony.

TKE Foundation Partners With FreeWill

    By Rachel S. / July 1, 2021

The TKE Foundation recently launched a partnership with FreeWill—it’s easier than ever to make your impact through our FreeWill partnership.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E24 | Connor Nickerson

    By Garrett T. / June 30, 2021

Our guest this week is collegiate Frater Connor Nickerson (Sigma-Kappa, Merrimack) to share his experience as a member of the LGBTQ community.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E20 | Ft. Ryan Vescio

    By Garrett T. / June 2, 2021

Grand Grammateus Frater Ryan Vescio (Rho-Omega, South Carolina) who serves as the chairman of TKE's Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E19 | Ft. Dr. Gerald Opthof

    By Garrett T. / May 26, 2021

Dr. Gerald Opthof (Rho-Zeta, Montclair State) talks about the stigma of mental health as men and how important it is to be open and honest.

Conclave 2022 Date and Location Announced

    By Garrett T. / May 26, 2021

Join us in 2022 for Conclave Houston—July 24-27 at the Marriott Marquis Houston! New Year, Same Location, One Amazing Brotherhood Event!

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E18 | Ft. Cole Conner

    By Garrett T. / May 19, 2021

Cole Conner (Epsilon-Omicron, Houston) is back! Just in time for graduation, he shares his thoughts as he transitions from collegiate to alumnus.

Expanded Guidelines Announced For Special Projects Funds

    By Rachel S. / May 17, 2021

The TKE Foundation is proud to announce the expansion of Special Projects Funds to provide members with additional resources.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E17 | Ft. Dr. Richard Halgin

    By Garrett T. / May 12, 2021

Dr. Halgin is a professor emeritus of psychology, counsels athletes/teams & recently became the Epsilon-Delta Chapter Advisor.

2021-2022 Fee Structure Announcement

    By Alexander B. / May 6, 2021

The Offices of the Grand Chapter is pleased to announce the 2021-2022 Fee Structure for Tau Kappa Epsilon unanimously approved by the Grand Council.

THE TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E16 | Ft. Andrew Hughes

    By Garrett T. / May 5, 2021

Join us for a very special episode interviewing Frater Andrew Hughes from Mount Everest Base Camp!

2021 Annual Reports & Awards Applications Due May 15

    By Garrett T. / May 3, 2021

As the school year comes to a close, don't forget that Annual Reports and Excellence Awards applications are due May 15.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E15 | Ft A.J. Eckstein & Henry Gao

    By Garrett T. / April 29, 2021

Wonder why only a few people get past the final round interview and land the job? They'll tell you how. We'll will tell you why you should listen.

National Volunteer Month - Recognizing Benchmark Years of Service

    By Garrett T. / April 20, 2021

Join the Offices of the Grand Chapter in thanking the volunteers who are celebrating a benchmark year of service this year

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E9 | Heather Green; Chapter Advisor

    By Garrett T. / March 17, 2021

This week we talk with Heather Green. She is the Chapter Advisor for the Pi-Theta Chapter at the University of Texas-San Antonio.

Leadership Academy Applications Due March 15

    By Garrett T. / March 3, 2021

Any collegiate member of TKE Fraternity in good standing is eligible and encouraged to apply for this premier leadership opportunity.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E7 | Ft. Joe Santangelo;VaynerMedia

    By Garrett T. / March 3, 2021

Frater Joe Santangelo shares what it has been like to work for one of the TKE HQ team's favorite entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk.

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E6 | Ft. Jed Collins; Your Money Vehicle

    By Garrett T. / February 24, 2021

We talked to former NFL fullback Jed Collins about everything from finances to NFL Insider Stories and leadership, Don't miss this episode!

The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E5 | Ft. Tyler M. Salley; Black History Month

    By Garrett T. / February 17, 2021

Frater Tyler M. Salley (Mu-Upsilon, Illinois State) is a member of the DEI Committee and joins us this episode as we discuss Black History Month.

TKE Foundation Offers Over $100,000 in Scholarships

    By Rachel S. / February 4, 2021

Applications for 2020-2021 TKE Foundation Grand Chapter scholarships are due March 15. Apply at

TKE Pride Scholarship Established

    By Rachel S. / January 28, 2021

The TKE Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a new scholarship supporting the experiences of gay, bisexual and transgender TKE members.

The TKE Nation Podcast: Ep41 - 2020 Lessons Learned with the Collegiate Advisory Committee - The Esteem Discussion Series

    By Garrett T. / December 8, 2020

As we near the end of 2020 and this discussion series, Alex Swenson and select members of the CAC discuss the lessons learned and future plans.

Virtual RLC 2021 Schedule Preview

    By Garrett T. / December 3, 2020

We are proud to share that your RLC registration cost is already included as part of your Annual Membership Fees for your chapter or colony.