Prytanis (President)

Prytanis Jewel - Gavel
English Equivalent:President

Job Description

The Prytanis has all the duties and powers of a President and serves as the Chief Executive of the chapter. The responsibilities of Prytanis are:

  • Oversee the Chapter as the presiding officer at all meetings, including but not limited to, meetings of the Chapter officers, formal Chapter meetings, informal chapter meetings, and rituals.
  • Enforce the constitution, laws, traditions, rituals, and local bylaws and rules, at all times.
  • Listen to the needs of the chapter and attempt to meet them. Clarify the goals of the chapter and carry out the wishes of the chapter, delegating work as appropriate.
  • Appoint all committee chairmen; removing ones who do not fulfill their responsibilities. Appoint a delegate to Conclave, and a delegate to campus interfraternal organizations.
  • Get all chapter members involved during the semester.
  • Ensure communications between your chapter, your school, and other fraternities; between your chapter and the Offices of the Grand Chapter; and between your chapter and your alumni.
  • Along with the Hypophetes, maintain the chapter morale at a high level.
  • Facilitate the running of the operations of the house.
  • Be the spokesman for the chapter.
  • Represent the chapter at Conclave, and see that the chapter participates in TKE educational conferences and programs.
  • Attend Alumni Association meetings as the chapter representative.
  • Coordinate an officer retreat with the Chapter Advisor and a chapter retreat with the Chapter Advisor.
  • Help the Crysophylos prepare an adequate budget.
  • Be a leader; influence others for the benefit of the chapter. Make responsible decisions.

Epiprytanis (Vice President)

Epiprytanis Jewel - Open Book
English Equivalent:Vice President
Jewel:Open Book

Job Description

The Epiprytanis has all the duties and powers of a vice president. In the absence of the Prytanis, he performs all of his duties. The responsibilities of Epiprytanis are:

  • Assist the Prytanis as required.
  • Hold copies of The Black Book and the chapter Constitution and Bylaws. Be familiar with their contents, bring copies to meetings, and be prepared to answer or secure answers for any question or interpretation of them.
  • Keep the chapter Constitution and Bylaws up-to-date by inserting all amendments and updates as necessary.
  • Review Bylaws at least annually; look for updates needed to keep them current.
  • Coordinate the activities of all committees.

Grammateus (Secretary)

Grammateus Jewel - Crossed Quills
English Equivalent:Secretary
Jewel:Crossed Quills

Job Description

The Grammateus has all the duties and powers of Secretary. The responsibilities of Grammateus are:

  • Keep the list of chapter officers on file with the Offices of the Grand Chapter updated. Do this using the TKE Chapter Module
  • Keep a permanent record of all proceedings of the chapter, sharing the minutes with the Chapter Advisor and Board of Advisors, and passing these records on to your successor.
  • Attend to all correspondence not otherwise delegated, keeping a file of all official chapter correspondence with the Offices of the Grand Chapter, the college or university, and other interested parties.
  • Develop a new phone list every term, providing a copy to each member.
  • Report to the chapter at all meetings any unfinished business.
  • Assist with the compilation of the annual membership roster, which is used by the Offices of the Grand Chapter to calculate Annual Membership Fees.
  • Assist the Prytanis in preparing the Annual Report and any applications for Chapter awards, both due to the Offices of the Grand Chapter each spring.

Crysophylos (Treasurer)

Crysophylos Jewel - Key
English Equivalent:Treasurer

Job Description

The Crysophylos has all the duties and powers of Treasurer. The responsibilities of the Crysophylos are:

  • Collect all money due to the chapter.
  • Disburse chapter funds, timely paying chapter obligations. Reference the Fee Structure regarding fees owed to the Offices of the Grand Chapter and corresponding due dates.
  • Remit promptly (within 15 days) to the Offices of the Grand Chapter all initiation registrations and fees.
  • Prepare accurate monthly financial reports of cash receipts and disbursements. Distribute to the Chapter Advisor, Board of Advisors, and post one for all members of the chapter to read.
  • File an Annual Report with the Offices of the Grand Chapter as required by the Black Book.
  • Make sure that all candidates register and pay their candidate fee on-line, so that they may promptly receive their candidate kits.
  • Ensure that all initiate fees are remitted to the Offices of the Grand Chapter in a timely manner.
  • Assist in making the chapter budget.

Histor (Historian)

Histor Jewel - Scroll
English Equivalent:Historian

Job Description

The Histor has all the duties and powers of a Historian. The responsibilities of the Histor are:

  • Produce newsletters for chapter members and alumni and forward a copy to the Offices of the Grand Chapter.
  • Provide information for The Teke magazine about chapter activities.
  • Safely keep, and transmit to your successor, the chapter scroll.
  • Take photos or videos of chapter events to record chapter history for each term.
  • Coordinate the development of composites.
  • Cooperate with local alumni associations, where they exist, to provide programming for Teke alumni.

Hypophetes (Chaplain)

Hypophetes Jewel - Heart
English Equivalent:Chaplain

Job Description

The Hypophetes serves as the Chaplain. The responsibilities of the Hypophetes are:

  • Develop a calendar for rituals, in conjunction with the Hegemon and Prytanis.
  • Keep all ritual items and make an inventory of them.
  • Preside in the absence of both the Prytanis and Epiprytanis.
  • Administer the oath of officers elect.
  • Counsel with any member about his academic progress and difficulties, arranging for further help, tutoring and counseling as needed.
  • Participate on the scholarship committee.
  • Maintain the chapter morale at a high level.

Pylortes (Sergeant-at-arms)

Pylortes Jewel - Dagger
English Equivalent:Sergeant-at-Arms

Job Description

The Pylortes has all the duties and powers of a Sergeant-at-Arms. The responsibilities of the Pylortes are:

  • Be the primary risk management representative for the chapter.
  • Act as doorkeeper at meetings, maintaining order as needed or directed by the Prytanis.
  • Work with the chapter to develop an alcohol awareness program.
  • Set up before chapter meetings.
  • Be custodian of all flags, properly displaying them whenever customary.

Hegemon (Educator)

Hegemon Jewel - Skull
English Equivalent:Educator

Job Description

The Hegemon is the chapter educator, primarily concerned with the preparation of Candidates for Initiation. The responsibilities of the Hegemon are:

  • Ensure that Candidates are registered with the Offices of the Grand Chapter. The Hegemon should register using the TKE Chapter Module.
  • Use the Hegemon's Manual and the Addendum to the Hegemon's Manual to prepare a written Candidate education program that stresses scholarship, recruitment, active participation, and leadership.
  • Manage the Candidate education program and monitor the progress of Candidates towards Initiation.
  • Supervise Candidate activities.
  • Implement a membership development program (member education program) for all members.
  • Cooperate with the Prytanis in the selection of big brothers.

Tau Kappa Epsilon Sponsors the Greek Anti-Hazing Hotline: 1-888-NOT-HAZE

Recruitment Chairman

Job Description

Appointed by the Prytanis to ensure the chapter is successful in recruiting men to join the chapter and become candidates for membership.

  • Assisted by the Recruitment Committee
  • Ensure the committee is working to grow their prospective candidate list
  • Ensures prospective candidates are communicated with on a regular basis, informed and aware of upcoming opportunities to interact with members of the chapter.
  • Works with the Recruitment Committee to ensure the chapter has a year-round recruitment plan in addition to the more traditional start of the semester Rush period.
  • Ensures members of the chapter are trained and comfortable in their roles with the recruitment process.

Philanthropy Chairman

Job Description

Appointed by the Prytanis to organize, manage, and share opportunities for the chapter membership to participate in Volunteer and Philanthropic Opportunities.

  • Assisted by the Philanthropy Committee
  • Some chapters will have a committee specifically for a signature annual philanthropy.
  • Ensure chapter members are aware of their roles and expectations for chapter planned philanthropy events.
  • Ensures chapter philanthropy donations and hours are recorded on the TKE Chapter Module at
  • Works with Crysophylos to ensure all philanthropy donations raised are sent in a timely manner, in the proper means.
  • Informs members of Philanthropic opportunities available in the community to be involved and/or help other organizations.

Tau Kappa Epsilon’s official Philanthropy Partner is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.