Tau Kappa Epsilon's Structure

In any organization, there is an operational structure. In TKE, the structure is designed to support our collegiate chapters. It is important to understand the organizational design of our Fraternity, so that you can grasp the scope your responsibility.

The Grand Chapter

The Grand Chapter is the legislative body that establishes the laws and sets the direction for the Fraternity. In composition, this body is nearly unanimously controlled by undergraduates. The Grand Chapter is comprised of one representative from each collegiate chapter, one representative from each chartered alumni association, the eight Grand Officers, and all living Past Grand Prytani.

In addition to establishing the policy of the Fraternity, the Grand Chapter must approve any change to The Black Book (the International Constitution and Bylaws), approve all new charters to be granted, and when assembled at Conclave every other year, elect the Grand Council.

The Grand Council

The Grand Council, composed of ten Grand Officers, serves in a fashion similar to a corporate board of directors. The Grand Officers are volunteers and receive no compensation. A primary function of the Grand Council is to implement the policy determined by the Grand Chapter at Conclave. In addition, the Council provides leadership for the Fraternity in between Conclaves and hires a Chief Executive Officer.

The Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer hires the fraternity staff, who are full-time, paid, fraternity professionals. They manage the day-to-day operations of the Fraternity. It is their responsibility to provide chapters and members the wide variety of services the Fraternity offers and to work to insure the continuing growth of the Fraternity.


The CEO appoints Fraters to serve as Grand Province Advisors. These volunteers provide additional services to chapters and are official representatives of the Fraternity. Grand Province Advisors volunteer their time and serve without pay.

Grand Province Advisors recommend Fraters to serve as Province Advisors. These Fraters visit and assist chapters, working with the Chapter Advisor, Board of Advisors, Chapter Officers, and the professional staff. Like the Grand Province Advisor, the Province Advisor volunteers his time and receives no compensation.

The Province Advisors, Grand Province Advisors, and paid members of the TKE staff that work in the Fraternal Services Department (e.g., Regional Directors, Expansion Coordinators, etc.) are collectively referred to as the Fraternal Services Department.