Membership Quality Board

The Membership Quality Board is the chapter committee that ensures each Frater continually meets the minimum standards for membership in Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. If used properly, the Membership Quality Board will aid the chapter in the following ways:

    • Improve the quality of chapter membership
    • Increase participation and retention of older members
    • Dissolve "classes" of membership.


MQB Composition

The Membership Quality Board consists of the Prytanis, Hegemon, Membership Recruitment Chairman, Chapter Advisor, a representative of the Board of Advisors, and two at-large members appointed by the Prytanis. The at-large members are preferably seniors who have achieved Knights of Classic Lore level of fraternal achievement. The alumni members who serve on the Membership Quality Board participate in an advisory role, which means that they do not vote.

Role and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Membership Quality Board to:

  1. Review the chapter's Recruitment Standards and recommend changes to the chapter.
  2. Review the chapter's Member Standards and recommend changes to the chapter.
  3. Review the chapter's Knights of Classic Lore Standards and recommend changes to the chapter.
  4. Monitor each member's compliance with the Member Standards and provide guidance to those members who fall short.
  5. Certify the candidates for the Knights of Classic Lore, the second level of Fraternal Achievement.

Judicial Role

The Membership Quality Board generally does not participate in the judicial process (described in The Black Book, which should only come into play when a Frater has seriously and/or repeatedly violated the rules of the Fraternity. The Membership Quality Board measures each Frater against the chapter's Member Standards. Properly written Member Standards include consequences.


One of the most exciting elements of the Membership Quality Board is the focus on excellence provided by the Member Standards and Recruitment Standards. Each chapter has to develop specific written standards to ensure the highest quality men are recruited and retained. These standards must be objective and measurable and cannot exclude because of race, creed, religion, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

Recruitment Standards
The chapter should set high Recruitment Standards for potential members because recruiting highly qualified and motivated new members helps to ensure chapter prosperity. Prospective members who meet your chapter's Recruitment Standards should be quickly offered a bid. There is no need for the chapter to vote to approve a candidate if the candidate demonstrates that he meets, or exceeds, the Recruitment Standards established by your chapter.

The Membership Quality Board should review the Recruitment Standards annually. The chapter must approve any changes by a majority vote. Recruitment Standards must include but are not limited to:

  1. Candidate being in good academic standing with the host institution or has a qualifying college entrance score.
  2. Candidate being committed to meet all financial obligations to the local chapter and the International Fraternity in a timely manner.
  3. Candidate demonstrating talents, skills or abilities which will benefit the Fraternity. Each local chapter is encouraged to supplement these standards by determining their own levels of expectation in some of the following areas:
      • High school or past college academic results (i.e., GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale, etc.).
      • Involvement in extracurricular activities.
      • Parental support for joining the Fraternity.
      • Held previous leadership positions or involvement in other organizations.
      • Has the ability to fit in and participate as a member of the chapter team.
      • Has a commitment to abide by the chapter's Member Standards, Bylaws and traditions.

Member Standards

Like Recruitment Standards, the chapter must establish a high set of Member Standards to reflect the kind of quality we expect from our Fraters; to ensure all Fraters meet their obligations and actively participate in chapter events. Minimum Member Standards must include, but are not limited to:

    1. Maintaining a minimum Grade Point Average (i.e., 3.0 on a 4.0 scale).
    2. Meeting financial obligations to the local chapter and the International Fraternity on a timely basis.
    3. Attendance at major chapter activities.
    4. Participating in ongoing Fraternity education.
    5. Complying with the rules and bylaws of the local chapter and the International Fraternity.


Member Standards are developed so all Fraters in the chapter strive toward a common set of goals. The emphasis is on continually reaching higher levels of achievement. Accomplishing this, the chapter maintains motivated and committed membership.


Knights of Classic Lore

Similar to Recruitment Standards and Member Standards, so too there should be standards for induction into the second level of Fraternal Achievement: Knights of Classic Lore. The chapter must set high standards to reflect the quality of man we acknowledge as a Knight of Classic Lore. Some suggestions are listed below:

  • Maintained good standing within the chapter.
  • Junior or Senior by university credit.
  • Held positions on campus/community.
  • Held an officer/committee position within the chapter.
  • Achieved a cumulative GPA above the All Male Average.
  • Performed at least 10 hours of community service.
  • Attended 95% of all chapter events (includes chapter meetings, social, community service, etc.).
  • Maintained a zero dollar balance with the chapter.
  • Attended five out of six ongoing education sessions per year as a member.
  • Maintained Chapter Standards throughout his past three years.
  • Completed and received the Order of the Founders level of Fraternal Achievement.