Utilize Campus Resources to the Fullest

Student Activities

Usually located in a highly visible location, such as the Student Union Building, these folks do a little of everything. Generally, they work with all student organizations providing workshops in areas such as Leadership Development, Officer Training, Program Planning and Development, etc. They are also great at setting up and facilitating retreats. Sometimes the Greek Advisor is located in this office. Be sure to pick up a copy of the Student Handbook and/or Student Organization Manual here.

Residence Life/Housing

Residence Halls are a prime source of potential members. Get to know Resident Advisors(RAs) and Head Residents. Make them an ally rather than an adversary. Also, the Residence Life Office has one of the best training programs on campus for their RAs. See if you can tie into that training for areas such as Conflict Resolution, Non-alcoholic Programming, Confrontation, Leadership, etc.

Career Planning/Placement

This offices does workshops in resume writing, interviewing skills, and job searching. They can help with vocational interest tests. Most of the on-campus interviews for seniors are coordinated here.


This is the place to begin promoting Greek Life. If a discussion on Greek Life is not part of the new student orientation program, get it in there. First impressions are critical to a new student. Get your members involved as student orientation assistants.

Commuter Affairs

You will find this office at larger schools with a high percentage of commuter students. They specialize in commuter needs. Maybe we could recruit more commuters if we really understood what they seek in a college experience. Find out what the commuter needs, and convince him that your Chapter can fill those need.

Student Health Center/Infirmary/Counseling Center

Often do workshops on birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, wellness, etc.

Dean of Students

Oversees all of the Student Affairs areas. Sometimes you will find the Greek Advisor located here. Suggest you meet with the Dean of Students and have him/her give you an overall picture of the services provided in the Student Affairs Division. This area is also the area responsible for campus disciplinary cases.

Vice President for Student Affairs

Usually found at larger campuses, and oversees all of Student Affairs. Powerful position, reporting directly to the President of the University.

Multicultural Center/International Students

Work with minority groups on campus. Good new member recruiting location, and a place to assist in developing good relations among all students on your campus. International students may have pictures of their home country that would make an interesting cultural presentation. Inviting them over to give a presentation about their country often makes for a good alternative social or recruitment activity.


Great resource for any religious activities held at the Chapter. Chaplains are also fine listeners and good communicators. We can learn much from their skills. They often need help with fund-raising projects and other activities.

Women's Center

Not often supportive of Greek Organizations, but our negative activities have caused this response. Reach out to the Women's Center; they offer many good programs for women and men.


Suggested idea for a recruitment program...invite the basketball or football coach over for a "fireside chat." Have him bring along a few of the better known players. Most schools depend on Greeks for support at athletic contests. Get to know the Director of Athletics and the Intramural Director.

Financial Aid

Most of us need it at some point in time. Invite someone from the office to a chapter meeting to describe financial aid opportunities. When parents are on campus, have the Director of Financial Aid provide a workshop to instruct parents on how to fill out the financial aid forms. Also a good summer recruitment tool...inviting incoming students and parents to a financial aid seminar at the chapter house or meeting area.

Student Employment

They are responsible for on-campus, and often, off-campus work opportunities for students; Work Study, student hourly, etc. Develop a good relationship here and you may get first shot at those better jobs.

Academic Counseling/Learning Resource Center

All kinds of help with academic problems...reading skills test taking, course scheduling, note taking, listening skills, writing skills, etc.


These are the recruitment experts for the University. Let them share their skills with you. Also, they talk to many prospective students. Make sure they feel good about Greek organizations and are positively portraying us to incoming students. Try to get jobs as university tour guides.

Food Service

If you have a kitchen service in your house, you may be able to buy food more reasonably through the university. If not, you may be able to get some ideas on cooking for large numbers or stretching your food budget. How about catering services for your parties or meetings. Good source of part-time jobs.


Another good source for part-time jobs. Great place to advertise the Fraternity.


If you are part of a state school system, you will find that certain vendors have purchasing/selling relationships with the state. This may also be true at some private institutions. Possible discounts on furniture, desks, lighting, food, etc. See if you can tie in if prices are cheaper.

Facilities Coordinator/Room Reservations

Particularly important for chapters without houses. This person can assist you in choosing physical space on campus for social activity, meetings, ritual celebrations, athletic competition, etc.

Physical Plant

In times of budget cuts, these folks seem to get it in the teeth. Oftentimes, they are looking for assistance with campus clean-ups, mowing lawns, etc. A great service project. Also can provide some expertise on landscaping your house, and possibly purchase materials less expensively.


Do you really know what is in your library and how to utilize it? Invite your librarian over to give a talk about it. Especially appropriate for recruitment functions.

University Photographer

Oftentimes the University is looking for some action shots to put in their publications.

Personnel Department/Training Coordinator

Another resource for jobs or workshops in such areas as conflict resolution and team building.

Board of Trustees

The policy makers for the university. Do you know who they are? Do any of your Board members have greek affiliations? Do they know you? Respect you? Like you? Get them on your side. They are powerful and interested. That's why they are on the Board.

Speaker's Bureau

Many campuses provide a list, brochure or even book of on-campus individuals who give free lectures or seminars in their areas of expertise or avocation. This is a marvelous resource, and includes talks in almost all areas of interest.

Other Student Organizations

We should do two things in this area...l) get involved and active in other organizations; it increases the Chapter's visibility and gives you a broader range of experience and 2) utilize other organizations for the resource that they actually are ... i.e.- Accounting Club to help with the chapter's finances; the American Marketing Association to develop a marketing program for the chapter, etc.