Help Find Dollars Raised

Through the TKE Module, chapters and colonies have been doing an excellent job at reporting the dollars they have raised for St. Jude. This has allowed the Offices of the Grand Chapter to confirm with St. Jude that every dollar raised is properly counted for.

Unfortunately, after working with our St. Jude representatives, the Offices of the Grand Chapter has found that the following chapters and colonies have reported a higher amount on their KRA than what St. Jude has received. To correct this issue, please contact Director of Fraternal Health at Please include in the email any receipts you may have received or the check number, date, and amount that was submitted. 

Chapters and colonies on the list below have reported more dollars on the TKE Module than what St. Jude has received. 

For more information, please contact:

Nate Lehman
Director of Fraternal Health

ChapterSchoolMissing $
AlphaIllinois Wesleyan University$450.00
Alpha-Delta ColonyUniversity of Idaho$100.00
Alpha-ChiUniversity of Louisville$1,005.00
Beta-ZetaLouisiana Tech University$420.00
Beta-Psi ColonyArkansas State University$95.00
Beta-OmegaMissouri State University$800.00
Epsilon-ThetaSoutheastern Oklahoma State University$20.00
Epsilon-XiShepherd University$155.00
Zeta-LambdaBowling Green State University$239.00
Theta-OmicronAdrian College$875.00
Iota-Delta ColonySouthern Oregon University$465.00
Lambda-EtaUniversity of Iowa$144.00
Xi-ThetaUniversity of West Georgia$160.00
Omicron-SigmaIndiana University Southeast$422.65
Pi-XiUniversity of California, San Diego$683.88
Rho-EtaSUNY-Stony Brook$13.00
Rho-LambdaState University of New York at Oswego$82.00
Upsilon-EtaUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology$560.00
Upsilon-LambdaCollege of Staten Island$51.00
Upsilon-ChiSt. Francis College$180.00
TKE Colony 755 - UNAUniversity of North Alabama$14.00